ICE vehicle not even able to breath their own pollution

ICE vehicle not even able to breath their own pollution

I noticed that ICE vehicles cannot even operate in standard atmospheric conditions as exist all over the Earth. In order for those gas/Diesels to operate they must first filter out the particulates in our normal atmosphere. Those filter must themselves be replaced at regular intervals or they also will clog up the air the ICE engines consume.

Just though it strange that the vehicle that add to the pollution protect themselves from this contamination, but people do not do the same. We walk around all these pollutiing vehicle, breathing all this junk in the air. We take better care of these cars than we do of ourselves and our children.

TranzNDance | 2019年3月4日

Yes, I think it's pretty inconsiderate of manufacturers of big polluters who would direct the exhaust pipe toward pedestrians to the right of the car instead of toward the left toward other vehicles.

reed_lewis | 2019年3月5日

The air filter in ICE vehicles is used to filter out larger particulate, not what is typically thought of as air pollution. Think of an ICE taking in air which has sand, and other foreign matter... It would cause the engine to fail.

The exhaust pipe on most ICEs is randomly placed. Some have it on the right, and some on the left, and some have two. But typically the exhaust pipe is pretty much always placed on the opposite side of where the gas cap is.

rajatgaikwad4950 | 2019年3月8日

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