How long do I have to set up my NEMA 14-50 receptacle?

How long do I have to set up my NEMA 14-50 receptacle?

I’m getting my electric oven plug to charge the car temporarily until we renovate.

Anyone ever bought a NEMA 14-50
box that you can install outside or in a garage.
I’m searching for on of those in Canada.
I searched on Amazon and homedepot but they don’t seem to have in stock

Anyone think we could get the SR within 1 month?
I was expecting between 2-3 months IMO

Yodrak. | 2019年3月5日

A NEMA 14-50 box? Do you mean receptacle? There are many boxes suitable for outdoor use in which most any receptacle can be installed, including a 14-50 receptacle.

kcheng | 2019年3月5日

HD and Lowes carry an EATON box with a 14-50 receptacle.

I bought mine at Lowes for $30. Works great.

EVolution | 2019年3月6日

alright thanks for the info guys. Ordered on Amazon

EVolution | 2019年3月6日

I have been thinking I might be rushing things for nothing.
My friend is coming to help me this week end to get everything set up but with everyone configuring their SR at the same time since March 1st, there is NO chance I will get it within 1 month in Canada.

It was probably a way to lock in a majority of reservationists into actual orders before the Model Y release on March 14th were many would just transfer their wait time to the Y list.

Uncle Paul | 2019年3月6日

Wait time for a Model 3 will be measured in weeks. Wait time for a Model Y will be measured in years in Canada.

Most people have an experienced electrician install their 14-50 receptacles, as it handles a lot of current over a long time when charging. The plug, the breaker and the wiring all need to be done to code. Most pull a permit.

You will be working with 240V current, and you need to know what you are doing.

jeff d | 2019年3月6日

Congrats on making the move. But if you're considering hooking this up yourself is your friend an electrician?
Sorry for being presumptuous, this is is not something someone with no experience working with HV should do. I work with HV and while can do it all myself, I'm going to pay someone to do the panel work.

Given you're having trouble with the 14-50 jbox/outlet you may want to reconsider you'll need a lot more than just that box.

trident3 | 2019年3月7日

Just put in the electrical; plug-in, 125' 6 cable, plastic wall box for plug in, 60 AMP Circuit Breaker. Cost of materials $277.00 . Labor was $200. It took both of us to fish and pull the cable and the electrician did all the wiring. It took 2.5 hours and I did pay him $400 for his labor vs $200 is quoted.

psusi | 2019年3月7日

A 14-50 outlet must use a 50 amp breaker, not 60.

EVolution | 2019年3月7日

my friend is a electrician and civil engineer
my wife and stepfather are electrical engineers
a bit overqualified team

kcheng | 2019年3月7日

For someone with knowledge and experience this is a super simple job. For a newbie, it's a no-go.