Model S, Wifi & internet congestion

Model S, Wifi & internet congestion

A mystery in which our modest speed (but best we can get in our area) DSL-based internet connection occasionally slows to a crawl (so slow that I cannot even run a speed test, and pages load very slowly, and all streaming ceases) is one step closer to resolution.

It seems that whenever I arrive home in the Model S (in which I have been using autopilot and navigate-on-autopilot much more lately), this internet slowdown occurs, presumably when the car connects to local Wifi. The statistics in our DSL modem indicate that at least a thousand packets are being transmitted to and received from the WAN every second when this condition occurs. Up until this insight, I reset our modem to recover our internet capacity. Next time, I'll see if the condition ever times out, although is has persisted in the past for up to 15 minutes before I finally reset the modem to clear the condition and recover our bandwidth.

Any insights on what is happening here? Is the car reporting the autopilot data to Tesla HQ and causing congestion on our modest-speed DSL connection? Unfortunately, I don't have the ability to sniff the connection and interpret the packet headers (which I am otherwise capable of doing).


kcheng | 2019年3月8日

Why not don't allow your Model S to hop onto your home wifi.