Good time to buy?

Good time to buy?

Debating buying a new model x. Not sure if I should go with 2018 used or 2019 new. With all the price drops and the rumor of Tesla changing battery types. Should I wait it out a few months or not?

Model - X | 2019年3月9日

I would wait as long as you can.

inconel | 2019年3月10日

March 14: Y reveal and one more thing S&X redesign... ;-)

JAnnen | 2019年3月10日

inconel is right. Wait for the MY reveal. I too expect an update to MS & MX. The current P3 has a higher top speed than the MS. Tesla will fix that on Wednesday.

Vawlkus | 2019年3月11日

Tesla has FAR too much on its plate to contemplate a refresh for S or X.

Look for that in a year or three at the earliest.

jeannestefan | 2019年3月12日

I would wait until they have resolved the front shaft vibration. really annoying.

Redmiata98 | 2019年3月13日

Actually, you save a lot of money by waiting for full implementation of self-driving and door-to-destination non-driver input. Put the money into a 10 or 20 year CD and then make the purchase when it matures ;-)
Realistically, get the X now! You will enjoy driving it now. Don’t keep chasing the next big advance. No matter how peescient you are, there will always be another bigger or better advance that will occur 6-12 months after you get the key fob.

Vawlkus | 2019年3月13日

Buy it when you see the options you want and can afford the price.

neville | 2019年3月25日

All very true about timing. Ordered in UK and MX ludicrous performance which has free ludicrous speed upgrade. One week later now called Performance - price gone up £1800 and Ludicrous is now £11,500 more..

On a separate note - anyone know what badges a performance now has - now they don’t call it a P100D ?

bonhari03 | 2019年3月26日

If you are waiting to buy a Tesla, you aren’t ready. As others have stated, there will always be the next big thing.
Pull the trigger when you are ready, don’t look back.

Philchristieatc | 2019年3月29日

I too am debating on a model X. I've sold my C7 Corvette and I have been looking at a P100D. I did test drive the 75D and enjoyed its acceleration. Given the chance, would anyone upgrade to the P100D? Not sure I can justify the speed with that price.

Vawlkus | 2019年3月29日

I’ve had my 100D for two years and if I had the chance, I would totally have gotten the P100D if I knew back then what I know now.

That said: I want it because I’m in a couple performance car clubs and have access to sprint tracks and closed circuit tracks for high speed runs.

Triggerplz | 2019年3月29日

I have a 2016 P90DL I’m so glad I got Ludicrous not that I’m a fast driver but I do love when the teenagers pull up beside me at a light in their Mustang roaring the engine and then see them in my rear view mirror

jjgunn | 2019年3月29日

You don't need P to beat the Mustangs.

I do it with my slow ass 100D - heh heh

Now a need the P

Triggerplz | 2019年3月30日

I want the mustang to get spanked and really embarrassed plus that P will get you to the Bunny Ranch faster :-)
@ OP If it was me and money wasn’t a problem I would get the new 2019.. Adoption is ok but I’d rather bring my own Baby home

poloX | 2019年4月1日

For those to say buy it now, not entirely bad advises. You will enjoy it for sure. But recalling those who got their cars before ~Oct 2016 with the 1.0 AP HW and were extremely angry and mad and disappointed when AP 2.0 HW came out. We know 3.0 AP HW is coming out imminently. At least, I would wait until then UNLESS you are planning to buy FSD anyway, then go for it because Elon had said that the only difference is the computer and if you get FSD, the computer upgrade is free.

jjgunn | 2019年4月3日

I don't know if today is a good day/time to buy.....

But I just purchased a P3D.

jimglas | 2019年4月3日

enjoy jjgunn

jjgunn | 2019年4月3日

I must be out of my mind.

jimglas | 2019年4月3日

you will never regret it
scary fast

Triggerplz | 2019年4月3日

Congrats JJgunn Enjoy

ksrehman | 2019年4月7日

Unless your hand is forced (existing car dying or totaled) I would wait a few months to a year. I am sure Tesla has a plan to refresh the S and X in the face of declining sales with the Model 3 out and the Y coming next year.

I am hoping for:

1. Upgrade to V3 supercharger ability
2. Bigger battery capacity / more efficiency or both
3. Interior refresh - not critical but I am a fan of less buttons more touchscreen functions of the Model 3, others may feel the opposite

With ICE cars new technology would 'trickle down' from more expensive models or luxury brands down to mainstream cars but Tesla did such a good job with engineering the Model 3 and Y that I think they should refresh the S and X to justify the price premium over the 3, and to stay ahead of Das Kartell - VW/Audi/Porsche BMW and Mercedes.

On the other hand the X is still a great car so if you want one now I would go new. Tesla is about continuous improvement not model years anyway.

quintman99 | 2019年4月7日

Can anyone tell me if they have gotten 30-40K miles on the Model X and have not had to replace the half shafts. I hear alot of issues with these. Are there issues here or can you keep the suspension at normal, and these issues are on older models perhaps. Is the model X generally reliable?? Your input is appreciated. Thanks much in advance.

Vawlkus | 2019年4月8日

42k km and no half shaft shudder here.

jjgunn | 2019年4月8日

There is a Rev A & Rev B - I believe they started installing the Rev B half shafts to correct the issue in June 2018 cars & later.

If your car was manufactured after June 2018 you should be fine.

@mathwhiz might have more info (search the forum)

Out of you have Lane Change warning turned on? Or notice it during lane changes on NoAP, if so, this is expected behavior (steering vibration, not half-shaft shudder)

Passion2Fly | 2019年4月8日

Due to very low sales of S/X cars, Tesla is forced to come up with a refresh/redesign. I would wait.
They just announced new motors for the S/X soon to replace the older AC induction motors. Efficiency will increase from 93% to 97%. Hence, more range...

If you absolutely need a Model X right now, I would probably go for a heavily discounted used one... I got mine with 15k miles and 45% off the new price when purchased originally...

Grodz | 2019年5月13日

Currently looking to Trade In My 2016 Honda Accord for a Model 3 SR. Was wondering if I should wait sometime?

Redmiata98 | 2019年5月13日


Tropopause | 2019年5月13日

Take delivery prior to July 1 to maximize your tax credit (assuming you live in the USA.)