Ordering a used Tesla to Romania

Ordering a used Tesla to Romania

Hi, I'm interested in ordering an used Tesla model S from San Francisco to Romania. Do you think it's possible? If it is how much the delivery cost will be?

jordanrichard | 2019年3月17日

You don’t want to do that. Unlike gasoline cars, a TEsla can’t simply be brought to another country due to the differences in the wiring. The chargeport on the U.S. spec car won’t match to a supercharger in your country or anywhere else in Europe. Also our cars are delivered with 3 adapters to accomondate the types of outlets we have here in the states. Those would be useless in your country.

Point to all of this is you are going to have a very hard time charging the car. The computer has a SIM card in it for U.S. use, specifically with U.S./North America maps. So the maps/nav system will be of no use to you.

Best to find one in or closer to Romania.

marlinputnam8745 | 2019年3月30日

you have to pay all the taxes which are regulated in your country, which include import duty, vehicle tax, registration tax etc, instead of importing one try to find it in your city dealership.

exgilenre | 2019年3月30日

You need to pay bundle of taxes which are legalised by Romania.But i recommend don't do it..It is because it will be too costly and differences in wiring will be immense..Again its my suggestion,then its all upon u.Regards