Enhanced Summon

Enhanced Summon

Pretty slow at this stage. I think I’d rather enhance my health and simply walk to the car. For now. :)

NKYTA | 2019年3月24日

Granny mode seems appropriate.

Daisy the Road ... | 2019年3月24日

We have a long driveway with some bends in it. The old summon wasn't useful since the car had to turn as it exited the garage. This will be useful for getting the cars rearranged while reducing the entry/exit wear on seats. Super slow though.

scott | 2019年3月24日

The slow speed will matter far less to me when it’s raining. | 2019年3月24日

Tesla didn't show the "Mad Max" mode where summon drives 100 mph around the parking lot. Can't wait (literally).

packpike | 2019年3月24日

About the same speed as regular summon. I had to use it today to get out of a parking space and other cars in the parking lot were not amused by the slow speed.

rsrivast | 2019年3月24日

does everyone have have enhanced summon on their MS? I am still patiently waiting for the sentry mode. | 2019年3月24日

@rsrivast - I'm fairly sure Enhanced Summon is in general release. I think it is still in early beta and a few owners who got special early access for beta features.

No sentry mode for me (I have HW2.0). Friend's M3 has Sentry mode. | 2019年3月24日

should be:

...Enhanced Summon is NOT in general release .....

raffidesigns | 2019年3月24日

From what I have seen, The Model 3's have been going around a parking spot and parking lot as if there is a car parked and not just aimlessly driving through a parking lot which is nice. This would be useful for someone who parked 150 feet away and lets say it's raining. Enhanced Summon is only on Model 3's for now. (Model X HW2.5) I'm hoping to receive the new software sometime early April (Fingers crossed) Some of the videos are not as educational. Once I get it, will give you guys a taste. Both outside and inside.

**Enhanced Summon is capable of driving a max of 2 Mph. This software enhancement will only be tested in an empty parking lot of my office. Enhanced Summon will not be used at grocery store or are anywhere else until some point later.**

DRFLGD | 2019年3月24日

LOL! The car comes to YOU and some are complaining that it doesn't get there fast enough! Oy.

nothotpocket | 2019年3月24日

I'm not sure when I'd make use of this feature. It would be great to have your car go and find a parking spot after dropping you off in front of the office, but it would have to work 99.9% of the time. I can just see coming out of the building four hours later and seeing your confused Tesla stalled out after being cornered by an errant traffic cone and garbage truck in the morning. As far as summoning the car to you, I'm simply not that patient.

Daisy the Road ... | 2019年3月24日

Some communities, for example Sausalito, have very narrow garages set into hillsides. Very hard to make them bigger, and the MS is so wide that the driver can't exit the car. That makes for a pretty good use case for the summon feature

Ohmster | 2019年3月24日

I use Summon every day to park and exit my garage because I want it as close to the wall left of the car as possible. Works great. But no way I'm going to Summon the car to me from a far at that speed. And if it's raining, I'm more than likely to have an umbrella. :)

Perhaps when it is more confident and less granny like......

EVRider | 2019年3月25日

@raffidesigns: Where did you read that Enhanced Summon is only going to Model 3 at this point? That’s true for Sentry Mode, but I haven’t seen anywhere that Enhanced Summon is restricted to Model 3.

kerryglittle | 2019年3月25日

I would be happy if I could summon my car out of the garage without it trying to make a U turn halfway out. Has done it twice now for no reason as nothing was in its way and the walls had no obstacles to cause it concern. Not trusting it any more and don't use it.

markahaden | 2019年3月25日

@kerryglittle: I agree. Summon used to be a decent party-trick. It's not even that any longer....

I do hope to eventually have the Enhanced Summon feature, to expand my party-trick repertoire.

rrjenks21 | 2019年3月25日

Still waiting for sentry mode too. 2018 MS. Hopefully soon.

kerryglittle | 2019年3月25日

Nailed it markahaden. Party trick in an open parking lot. LOL.

raffidesigns | 2019年3月25日

@EVRider So far only owners of the Model 3 are receiving the latest and greatest. Perhaps that is because of the single display vs the two displays the model S & X have. Two different software layouts. | 2019年3月25日

S/X has three different hardware platforms, so more design and validation is necessary over the 3 to roll it out to HW2.0, HW2.5 and HW3.0 (just rolling out now). That could explain why the 3/X is getting it later. | 2019年3月25日

... why the S/X is....

kcheng | 2019年3月26日

I'd be more confident in Summon and Enhanced Summon, if the Tesla phone app showed some indication of what the car sees, or what path the car is thinking of taking. I just want to know that it's going to pull out of any space completely before making a turn, etc. If they could just map out the intended path on the app, from it to you, then you could quickly judge if it's going to work.

Robocheme | 2019年3月26日

I have EAP, but not FSD on my 3. Is Enhanced Summon an EAP feature or a FSD feature?

Daisy the Road ... | 2019年3月26日

Robcheme, just to be clear, no one has FSD. Some people have purchased a discounted early option for FSD, if and when the hardware and software becomes available.

MJP.75D | 2019年3月26日

I have active FSD on my 2016 AP1 75D (but only when my wife is driving).....and I can report that it still needs some work as its prone to erratic turns, wild fluctuations in speed and sitting at lights long after they’ve turned green. I’ve considered an “upgrade” to a new model but I cannot afford the payments. Grin on!

Robocheme | 2019年3月26日

Daisy, I realize that true FSD doesn't exist, but under the new AP/FSD split some features that were in EAP ended up in FSD (e.g. Navigation by Autopilot, Autopark, Summons). I was wondering if Enhanced Summons ended up in EAP or in FSD.

Robocheme | 2019年3月26日

Daisy, I realize that true FSD doesn't exist, but under the new AP/FSD split some features that were in EAP ended up in FSD (e.g. Navigation by Autopilot, Autopark, Summons). I was wondering if Enhanced Summons ended up in EAP or in FSD.

Ohmster | 2019年3月27日

I believe Enhanced Summon is now in FSD and not in AP (the new one). :)

EVRider | 2019年3月27日

@Robocheme: Good question. It’s not clear to me either which of the new features will be part of EAP for those owners who already had it.

avesraggiana | 2019年3月27日

Has any Model X or S gotten Enhanced Summon?

docnartman | 2019年3月27日

My Model X (100D - November 2018 build) received an update with last night with Sentry Mode, Dog Mode and red light recognition. No Enhanced Summon. I have EAP (pre-revision) and also purchased FSD. Obviously using HW 2.5. I’m assuming Enhanced Summon will be in the next update. Don’t expect to use it much but fun feature to have!

avesraggiana | 2019年3月27日

@docnartman. I believe I got the same update just this morning. X100D July 2018 build with HW2.5, but only added FSD several days ago at the one-time-only discounted price of $2000.

I'm hoping that steep charge on my credit card will get me this latest gee whiz, party trick. (Enhanced Summon).

docnartman | 2019年3月27日

Agree - I too jumped right on that $2k FSD price tag. I'm actually more curious on how they'll manage the upgrade from HW 2.5 to 3.0 for folks who bought FSD. I'm very happy with the MX100D, but I still shudder thinking I have to drop off my vehicle at a Service Center and how communications will be in getting the new HW installed. I know its at least the new GPU(s), but saw some discussion there may be a secondary radar. I still have PTSD from the communications and experience from ordering to receiving the

Clpeebles | 2019年4月2日

Still not clear if Enhanced Summon is available to Model 3's with Enhanced Auto Pilot or just for those that will have
FSD? Anyone have a clear, consice answer? Gracias! | 2019年4月2日

I'm about 98% sure any car with EAP gets advanced summon. Tesla may have even confirmed this, but I can't place where I saw that.

EVRider | 2019年4月2日

I just found this Teslarati article that says Enhanced Summon will be included in EAP without FSD:

OH TSLA | 2019年4月2日

Just to confirm - 2017 Model S 75D. I received the Enhanced Summon update, but I did sign up for the early software release program. I have used the Enhanced Summon on a few occasions - all in low traffic parking lots. There were some total failures (the vehicle backed out of the parking space and continued backing through the lot moving away from me) to some "wow" that worked great moments (I stood between the vehicle and an island in the parking lot - centered behind the island - and watched the vehicle hesitate - then chose a direction to steer around the island to my position.) I'm still working up the courage to try it with more traffic - but the update does exist for MS.

OH TSLA | 2019年4月2日

Oh - and I have the EAP package from Fall of 2017 - not FSD.