You can now edit your Model Y reservation

You can now edit your Model Y reservation

In case anyone was waiting like me to be able to change the options on their reservation.

jimglas | 2019年4月5日

7 seat option now available!

jimglas | 2019年4月5日

I wonder if they will have a 6 seat option?

Robocheme | 2019年4月5日

Thanks to the new pricing, it'll cost me $1500 to change from Midnight Silver to White. Oh well, I just wish that they had announced the price change, instead of saying that the Y wouldn't be affected.

noleaf4me | 2019年4月7日

Why no Model Y thread?

JustSaying | 2019年4月7日

We ordered before the Model Y price increase, I want to upgrade to a white interior , if I upgrade will base car price increase also?

RJMIII | 2019年4月8日

it let me add FSD without costing me the extra $1000. But that is software and not a physical change. You can try it and see what the price change wil be without confirming the change.

MJP.75D | 2019年4月8日

I tried to change my pearl white Y ($2000 option) to a midnight silver Y ($1500 option) that should have resulted in a net $500 price reduction but ..... the price actually went UP by $500 thus I was hit with the $1000 price increase. So, seems like design changes do in fact trigger the higher base price.

MJP.75D | 2019年4月8日

If you’re wondering, I still have a reservation for a pearl white Y.

Martha.Reinert | 2019年8月18日

I have tried managing my Y order through the edit to change the color option from grey to blue. But there doesn’t seem to have an save button. When I log back in nothing has changed. Any suggestions?

ExBMET | 2019年8月18日

I'm with noleaf4me, why is there no model Y thread????