Carlsbad SC Issue?

Carlsbad SC Issue?

When I check the SC in Carlsbad there is a message that reads, “Reduced Service.” I will be in the area tomorrow and was hoping to charge there. Does anyone know what is going on, and if it is usable?

hammer @OR-US | 2019年4月10日

They are doing some construction to add more stalls which has some of the existing stalls shut down. There were only 8 stalls available yesterday.

calleserra | 2019年4月15日

Same message posted about San Clemente SCs. Stalls are available. Got up to 112 kw. The Tesla app however does still show how many stalls were available whereas the car displays only the message Reduced Service.

sentabo | 2019年4月15日

I did manage to charge at Carlsbad, no problem. A guy was working on two of the stalls but the others were open. This was on Thursday the 11th.