SR+ 90% charge range

SR+ 90% charge range

I got my cars 10 days ago (SR+) and I did three charges but the ranges being displayed doesn't seem to be correct. For two charges I set to 90% limit, it shows 208 miles and 229 miles for the 100% charge. Do I need to worry rather there's something wrong my car's battery pack ? What numbers do you guys get ? I remember someone mentioned in the forum, for 90% I should get 216 and 235 for 100%.

tonyhd727 | 2019年4月24日

Nothing is quite what it seems. I got a model 3 in march and at first energy usage KW/M was quite high but has fallen lower. (Almost like a few hundred mile break in). For you a few miles difference could be a minor flaw in the battery but more likely its just how the computer is reading and displaying the information. I set my model 3 to display battery % instead I find its a much better way to look at the battery and causes me less stress when miles seemingly evaporate (% change is much more stable).

howong | 2019年4月24日

does it mean that if the battery is losing energy it will not be able to show 100% ?

ashpal19 | 2019年4月24日

I got my car on 6th April and I am seeing 216 miles at 90%. I will go and check what it shows at 100%.

wiscy67 | 2019年4月24日

For my one time charging to 100% for a trip it showed 238 miles. After the charge I disconnected for a couple hours prior to leaving. By the time I backed it out the driveway to start my trip it was 235 miles.

As another data point I always charge to 80% which is typically 194 miles.

RES IPSA | 2019年4月24日

Your miles will vary. More accurate to use the percentage. Charge it to 90% or %100 percent and then reset your trip odometer. Measure it that way to see how many miles you are actually getting.

FremontDave | 2019年4月24日

My mile range shown is exactly based on 100%=240, e.g. 90%=216. Of course, I never get the full mile range shown, e.g. mostly highway, higher speeds, infrequent slowdowns.

Carl Thompson | 2019年4月27日

"does it mean that if the battery is losing energy it will not be able to show 100% ?"

I don't think so. My car doesn't seem to have lost any range but from what I've heard the car will show 100% on a full charge even if it has lost range. In other words, when displaying in percent, it's not quite as easy to determine if you've lost any range because a "full" charge will display 100% even if you've lost capacity.

Bighorn | 2019年4月27日

You need to look at rated miles since 100% will show regardless of range loss.

LikeLightning | 2019年4月27日