My Tesla 3 is losing charge faster by about 25%

My Tesla 3 is losing charge faster by about 25%

My Tesla 3 battery charge indicates about 25% more miles than it is actually able to drive.
I've measured on GPS 75 miles and lost during this ride about 100 miles worth of battery. It was a highway ride and about 70F temperature.
Is it normal?
How do you plan long trips if these indicators are wrong?

crmedved | 2019年4月24日

25% is kind of a lot for 70F I'd think. It is just starting to get warm here though so I'm not sure. I usually get about 1/3 less in cold weather.

Traffic reduces range (since the a/c has to cool you for longer). Driving fast also reduces range. I think like >65 mph (guessing) is when you'll suffer noticeable range loss. I go 80 mph on some highways and never expect to get the rated range. I'm on the east coast and there's pretty much always a super charger within like 50 miles, so I never really worry.

Magic 8 Ball | 2019年4月24日

Some factors affecting actual range vs estimated range

Speed of car
Speed of wind
Driving style
Elevation change