Questions from MS owner considering MX

Questions from MS owner considering MX

Hi all,

I took delivery of an MS 90D in July '16. I'm considering a new MX, and have two questions—one general, and one specific.

1) If you made the switch from the MS to MX, what do you think? Are you glad you did it? Anything you miss about the MS? Any regrets?

2) One reason I'm interested in the MX is the tow capability. I've seen some estimates that range is reduced by 50-60% when towing a trailer or a boat. Just curious is anyone has experience towing?


David Trushin | 2019年5月3日

I switched. I might go back. I like everything about the X except the falcon wing doors. They're not bad, but awkward in some situations. They appear to work reliably but then, I don't use them a lot. I find that if I need to put something in the back seat I will go from the front or stick it in the back rather than mess with opening and closing the doors.

I would have kept my S, but it was an early 2013 and lacked many of the new features, like proximity sensors, dual motor and only had an 85 KW battery. It was a great car, though.

Redmiata98 | 2019年5月3日

I traded my 2014 S for an X in 2016 and have not regretted it. Both were performance models (P85/P90) and I had initial concern with handling differences but did not experience any other than the accomidation because the X is a bit longer and wider (potential garage problems). I could carry more cargo in the S but with the current foldflat seats they are probably now close to equal. Both had AP1 but the X added LUDICROUS mode which made it faster. Mileage in the X is less than the S, even though the battery is slighter larger in the X. Overall, I am pleased and would not go back to the S. If towing is important, make sure that you ensure the towing hardware is part of the purchase and is delivered at the same time as your X, I understand there is or was a backlog on that hardware.

bp | 2019年5月4日

We have an S 100D and X 100D - and they both have advantages and disadvantages.

The X has extra seating for 2 adults, larger cargo capacity, and rides higher (greater road visibility).

The S has (slightly) faster acceleration, longer range, and a sunroof.

They are both great vehicles.

While we haven't used our X for towing, we did research this considerably last year, before deciding against towing. While you use more energy towing, you should also be driving at lower speeds, so the amount of time you drive between charging stops is probably about the same - just less distance.

carlk | 2019年5月4日

We own both. To me the simplest description is S is the best car when you're driving it and X is the best one when you're a passenger in it. Although both are great cars whether you're driving it or sitting in the passenger seat. I love to drive so if I have to trade in mine now it will be replaced by another S.

nipper2 | 2019年5月5日

@carlk I agree I also have both I would never give up my S except for a newer S and the X is great for passengers as said by others they are both great again I would not give up my S

packpike | 2019年5月5日

The X was the 1st Tesla that we bought, for me to drive. I drove it for a few months and then my wife essentially took it over. We bought an S for her but after a few months she claimed the X and I have kept the S. Now that I’ve driven the S a lot more, I like it better. The falcon wing doors on the X are awesome in my opinion and my wife loves them because of getting small children in and out of car seats (she doesn’t like the attention that they bring though). That’s the main reason she took it over. She also likes being a little higher off the ground. For me, if the S has the self-presenting doors that the X has it would be perfect. It’s quicker and hugs the road even better than the X. Both are great, and we take the X on family trips because I can’t imagine trying to shove all of my kids in the S for long distances. I would not recommend towing for long distances, but around town towing is fine.

jimglas | 2019年5月5日

I bought a MX for the tax write off (now done). It has always felt like a sports car pulling a trailer to me. My wife loves it, she also loved our old suburban. Lots of room and she feels "safe" driving it. (I can't quantitate that feeling, but to her its important). I bought myself a P3D- which she drove until the first of the year. I much prefer it and she never noticed its performance because she wouldn't. MX is our mountain/roadtrip car, M3 is date night and my car.
Both have FUSC so range is not a consideration on road trips

paul | 2019年5月5日

1) I don't own an S, but driven plenty of them. I love the X's higher placement, and its an all-round bigger and (IMHO) more comfortable car. Kids and anyone watching love it when the doors open.

2) I've towed quite a bit and have seen 40%+ drop in range. Its the wind resistance more than the weight in my experience. I've towed heavy(ish) and light loads in a trailer shaped like a huge box, and in both cases got roughly the same results. I generally drive slower towing (local laws) and accelerate more gently, so that might explain my slightly better results than the 50-60% drop you mention.

Towing is a breeze because the car is just so powerful and heavy/solid.
I've got the 75, and towing is the only time I've wished I had the bigger battery.
I've not seen a supercharger or fast charger (Chademo) set up for charging with trailers.

sbeggs | 2019年5月6日


mbirnie51 | 2019年5月6日

We started with demonstrator May 2013 MS-P85 (bought in Oct) and traded into new March 2017 MX-75D, 5 seats.
Demographics: Both retired, 2 dogs and frequent cross country trips (Ohio and New York) and many 1500 mile trips from Bay area to Seattle.
1) MS-P85 Great car and was the culmination of my dreams to own. That car blew me away with performance, handling and high tech. For comparison I owned a '72 Corvette LT-1 for 10 years. It was my commuter car until retirement (90 miles every day for 2 years). Wife loved it too, and it served us well even having to cramp 2 dogs in the back area. I loaded that car with lots of home improvement goods(12 foot lumber too) on multiple occasions. Only down-side was too old to have hardware for EAP etc; it did not even have folding mirrors. Most OTA updates gave us new features, so still a great car. 80Kmiles upon trade and lost 4 miles of range. First set of tires lasted 28Kmiles.

2) MX-75D Build quality was poorer than the MS, but all concerns were corrected in timely manner, functionality of Falcon-wing-doors a bit cumbersome, but still very functional; I can't seem to get the voice controls to function as much as I'd like; losing miles of range sooner** but not losing overall Kwh capacity. On the positive side, lots more tech than MS, much more room for all passenger (dogs have lots of space behind the 2nd row seats), sits up higher for better visability and easy entry/exit, still pack it full on trips to home improvement store. 35Kmiles on ODO and running original tires.

No regrets on the upgrade as wife likes MX more because of more utility (I agree with this added utility), but I do miss the sleek design and added handling of the MS.

** Regarding the lost miles of range: I do not think my MX's battery has lost capacity (Kwh) but Tesla has recalculated the range in miles as a function of overall driver inputs. My MS lifetime wh/m was 317 and now the MX's is 347. With an assumption that you are allowed to use 70Kwh of the 75Kwh rating, the 347wh/m gives me approx 202 miles of range and that is very close to the 90% charge . Last week I started a trip with 100% charge yielding 212 miles range, traveled 108 miles (@333wh/m) to Salinas SC using 35.9Kwh, so I still "could" have traveled another 105 miles and hit that starting 212 miles. That's why I don't obsess with dropping from advertised 235 mile of range, I could get that if I slowed down and only consumed say 300wh/m.