Cooling Vent Louvers Operating Randomly

Cooling Vent Louvers Operating Randomly

While our 2015 Model S 85D (owned since new)is plugged in to the NEMA 14-50 outlet, the cooling louvers will cycle about a dozen times (at which point, I stop paying attention) without any interaction with the car. The fans don’t come on, it’s just the louvers opening and closing.

In addition, after the latest s/w update on May 17, 2019, the rate of charge reduced to 37kW when previously would charge at 40kW (at both houses). The charge cord also gets very warm.

Any thoughts?

EchoCharlie1 | 2019年5月20日

I just went out to reboot the main screen and noticed that the charge rate is back to 40kW.

stevenmaifert | 2019年5月20日

Ok. What about the louvers. What you described is not normal.

EchoCharlie1 | 2019年5月20日

Louvers still like to exercise without command, even after reboot of the car. Very odd indeed.

Silver2K | 2019年5月20日

Firmware version?

Aerodyne | 2019年5月20日

I have same year and trim, and have noticed the same thing with the louvers. No issue with charge rate.

Did not change with the last update.

EchoCharlie1 | 2019年5月21日

S/w v9.0 (2019.16.1.1 697c2ff)

kerryglittle | 2019年5月22日

I have that same update and haven't noticed anything different. Don't the louvers adjust to get the perfect temperature all the time? Was your car parked in a hot spot? But with the lovers just opening and closing without the fans on doesn't sound right. If a reboot wont fix it call the service centre. They can log into your car from where they are to see whats going on. Let us know what happens.

EchoCharlie1 | 2019年5月23日

It would make sense if the fans kicked in after the louvers opened, but when the car is just sitting there in the garage, with no interaction, the louvers just start cycling and the fans stay off. When I open the door, the a/c kicks in and the fans start up as if to prepare for a catapult launch (my wife thinks we're about to go "warp speed" by the sound of the car spooling up).

Calling service center is of little use, since I get routed to an automated system that suggests that I go online for everything and possibly "chat" with someone. UGH!