Tesla In-Car games and sports post game traffic

Tesla In-Car games and sports post game traffic

I found another nice use of the new video games in the Tesla Model 3. You can play them after a sporting event until the traffic dies down. Some games like 2048 also allow you to listen to the post game recap on the radio. It can be 20-30 minute window and then you can just zoom right out.

JAD | 2019年5月22日

Two things I have learned, most of the games are much better with a $5 USB controller from Amazon and make sure the steering wheel is straight when you try to play. I had parked with the steering wheel turned and the ship kept turning with no input and it took awhile to figure out I needed to straighten the wheel even if using a controller or the touch screen.

Biggest issue is my high score is not saved from session to session. This must be fixed immediately, stop work on the AP System and get this fixed :)

charles.a.braun | 2019年5月22日

I frequently drive a 2 lane mountain road (Angeles Crest Hwy / Angeles Forest Hwy) in So Cal and there is a pretty high accident rate up there that regularly (Every 6-8 weeks on average) has me sitting at a dead stop for minutes up to about 90.

I used to love to play pole position during that time but I can only imaging what the people in line behind me thought of with my brake lights constantly going off and on as I accelerated my video game car.

No more Pole Position though, so I played Tempest for a little while last week.