How to set "Home" to a GPS location rather than a street address?

How to set "Home" to a GPS location rather than a street address?

I live in a remote location in the mountains. Searching for my "Street Address" in Tesla Navigation or Google Maps puts the pin somewhere on my property alright, but about 1/2 mile by bad roads from my actual home. It was just a curious nuisance before 2019.16.2, but now we have the option to automatically set Sentry Mode when not at Home. If I choose that option when parked in my garage, Sentry Mode remains enabled because Tesla Navigation thinks it's still 1/2 mile from my Home! So...

How can I set my "Home" location to the actual GPS location of my home?

r0yster.richardson | 2019年5月22日

I just got mine today, but other GPS units will display the Latitude & Longitude to a very precise location. Then save that as the home location. IDK if that's a possible scenario on the Tesla software though. I will test it out.

EVRider | 2019年5月22日

You can try dropping a pin on the map at your real home location, and making that a favorite. Even if you can’t make that your actual home location, you can navigate to it and I believe exclude it from Sentry Mode.

Standroid | 2019年5月23日

Thanks for the suggestions, but no joy. I can place a pin on the anywhere map and save that as Home (or another Favorite) but the map interprets that pin as a street address - even if it is nowhere near any road. Then when I recall that Favorite the resulting location is a fresh, new interpretation of the saved address and that can be a long way away from the pin I originally placed!

EVRider | 2019年5月23日

Guess you’ll have to move. :-)

Kary993 | 2019年5月23日

Not sure why yours does not work as I can just say "Navigate home" and it takes me home. Also for Homelink you can set location where you want automatic gates or garage door opening and closing. I don't know if that Homelink location setup is at all related to navigation.

EVRider | 2019年5月23日

@Kary993: The reason it doesn't work for the OP is because their home address is not the actual physical location of their home, and you can set the Home location by address. Chances are Homelink uses the actual GPS location when programming it, but if you to exclude your home location from Sentry Mode, it uses the address.

lbowroom | 2019年5月23日

Kary - I assume it's because your home is a know address in the system

EVRider | 2019年5月23日

... and you can ONLY set the Home location by address.

St☰v☰ | 2019年5月23日

Go to Google Earth, find your house, in the lower right corner of the screen it will give you the exact coordinates, long and lat of where ever your cursor is pointing.

derotam | 2019年5月23日

I guess the Home location is different than the Work location then? I just moved my Work location using a pinpoint and it worked. It does convert it to an address but it leaves the pin in the same location as where I put it.

Maybe use the Work location for your house and the Home location for your work? haha

GHRTesla | 2019年5月23日

If Tesla used What3words locations (as Mercedes-Benz do) there would be no problem

EVRider | 2019年5月23日

@sky-pilot: The problem isn’t determining the GPS location, it’s using it in the car.

cmh95628 | 2019年5月23日

This is an interesting one. I don't ever remember setting my home location, I think the car "figured it out" based on where I charge. Do you charge at home? If so, maybe remove the home location programming and see if the car "figures out where home is" on its own. Maybe that is GPS-based (speculation, I really don't know). Good luck!

Standroid | 2019年5月24日

OK, @EVRider gets the prize for reading, understanding and clarifying the problem - thanks.

Moving right along, let's assume this is a software bug (feature?). What's the most effective way to bring this bug to the attention of those within Tesla who would be in a position to fix it?

rdavis | 2019年5月24日


Voice Command Bug Report it to them.

mikes | 2019年5月24日

I had similar problem. Living out in the boonies too. It placed home down at the road nearby and not up on the property, I was able to set the home with moving the pin to the location where I park and charge. It took me a couple times to get it right. Can't remember how the exact process was to do so, since this was last September.

Xerogas | 2019年5月24日

@Standroid: you are allowed to update google maps and change where their database stores your home address location. I’ve done this for my rental properties in the boonies. Then, after few weeks, you might be able to see your real home location in your Tesla.

A sucky workaround, to be sure

EVRider | 2019年5月24日

I'm guessing this problem isn't that unusual, since it could happen to anyone with a large property, but I don't recall anyone bringing it up in the forums before.

Standroid | 2019年5月25日

@Xerogas Bingo! It took Google less than five minutes to consider, approve and publish the correction I submitted to the location of my home address. When I queried the address in Google Maps on another device the location was also correct. So, I went straight out the car... no joy. The nav screen in the car still shows the old location, way up the mountain. OK, I'll check back daily. It will be interesting to learn how old Tesla's navigation data is.

@EVRider Inertia! I've been aware that my home address was mislocated since I took delivery last summer, but the only impact was that I had to set my "Home" location to a neighbor's address to avoid being sent up the wrong road. It wasn't until I had the opportunity to enable/disable Sentry Mode by Home location that I was motivated to do something about it.

Thanks to all for the advice and encouragement.

mmclean708 | 2019年5月25日

We also live in the boonies, dead end dirt road. When I use navigate I am told I am at my destination when there are trees all around, and I still have 4 lots to go. It's not Tesla, because we have a rental next door, its google....people pull into the wrong place and text us to say we're here!
Going to try fixing via Google first.

ed | 2019年6月30日

I have a possible solution for you, converting lat/long to an address using This is a 2-step process at best and it may not be completely accurate, but I think it's worth a shot.

1. Go to and zoom in on your home. If you double click you should get an image of your house, with your address and your lat/long (at least it did for me).

2. Go to, input the lat/long from Google Maps and convert to address. It will probably give you something that isn't your address, but may be close enough.

When I did this I found that the lat/long from Google Maps brought me pretty far away, relatively speaking. Then I used GoogleEarth, which produced a better result, but was a 3-step process.

1. Load GoogleEarth (which is an application different from the web browser app from Zoom in on your house.

2. As you mouse over you'll see the lat/long changing in the bottom right corner of the screen. When I did it the lat/long is in form and I didn't see how to make GoogleEarth tell me in decimal lat/long. So i went to and used it to convert the to decimal format.

3. Take the decimal format and plug it into

If you live in the US, the longitude (the second value) will be negative (e.g. Seattle is roughly 47.6062, -122.3321). If you live in Europe then you probably already know how to deal with if you're east or west of Greenwich.

I tried this to find an address for the particular gate I drop my wife off, it gave me the closest cross street, which while not as precise as I'd like, doesn't suck.

Hope this helps.

alan | 2020年1月25日

I have a similar problem because my garage opens onto an alley behind my house. Because of that, now every time I get into the car it automatically wants to navigate me down the alley and around the block to "home", in front of my house. Really irritating. There needs to be an option to set home by lat/long location instead of an address. So the Google location is correct, except for me, since I use the garage.

EVRider | 2020年1月25日

@alan: If it's so irritating, why not turn off navigation until you're away from the house? I assume you know how to get away from your garage without navigation.

Is there another nearby address you can use that's closer to the garage?

in7 | 2020年1月25日

Setup a business at the appropriate coordinates, or tell the car to go to your neighbor's address.

timary | 2020年3月19日

Same problem as everyone else, but I know where my driveway is, so Navigate is not a problem. Telling Google Maps to correct their issue was ignored. My biggest complaint is that my M3 Sentry Mode takes videos every time I walk in to the garage. So telling Sentry Mode to ignore Home, Work, and Favorites does not help. Is the Tesla Map tied to Google Maps, and if so, how often is the Tesla Map refreshed to Google Maps?

EVRider | 2020年3月19日

@timary: When you say you have the same problem as everyone else, do you mean your home address on Google maps doesn't correspond to your actual home address (where you park)?

The map on the touchscreen is Google Maps, so it should be as accurate or inaccurate as Google Maps would be elsewhere.

For Sentry Mode, are you saying that even when the location you've parked at is supposed to be excluded, Sentry Mode is still enabled? If the Home address is not accurate, how did you exclude that location exactly?

timary | 2020年3月19日

Thanks for the response. Yes, when I enter my home address on both Google Maps and Tesla Map, both show a location 1/2 mile away. I have sent Google Map a correction once before and it was ignored. I tried again today and will see if Google responds and/or just correct it. On your Sentry Mode question I selected Home to be excluded and since Tesla showed Home 1/2 mile away, Sentry kept recording. Strandroid's comment above, about moving Pins MAY have worked for me, although the process was not quite straight forward. I will know in a few days.

NorthValley | 2020年3月20日

When you drop a pin on where your home is does google maps not say what the address is for that location? Just use that address as a work around?

kenh374 | 2020年4月3日

Same problem but i want Sentry Mode to work when the car is parked on the drive, problem is my address doesn't actually put it on the drive where I park hence SM doesn't automatically activate? Can you not just capture the position your car is parked at on the map and set it as home like you can with the BMW Idrive for instance?

hokiegir1 | 2020年4月3日

@NorthValley - In my case, the pin drop shows my address correctly -- but then when I enter that address, it tries to make me go to my complex's clubhouse. I've also tried using the charge location, but since it shares the address, no dice. I will say, I think they've expanded the Sentry "home" radius, as mine has been turning off lately - but for routing, it still doesn't stop at my actual house. Obviously, I know where I live, so I can deal with that. It's just mildly annoying to have to manually cancel the nav every time.

NorthValley | 2020年4月3日

@hokiegir1...I have a similar issue with my office. I always have to cancel about 1000 yards from my office as it doesn't recognize a right turn to my office and keeps telling me to U-turn, go left then back etc etc. Annoying but I do as you do, just cancel as I get near my destination.

praero | 2020年4月14日

Hi. Just tried a solution for my own similar problem, living on a farm where "home" is 100m off, actual on a small street nearby.
Since it will not take coordinates, only actual adresses:

1: Delete "Home"
2: Mark your home on map with a marker
3: Save as favorite using the ECACTLY listed homeadrees, with zip, and what ever is in the list

Hereafter: point, and adress match:) and it does NOT start to navigate me 100m of my garage when I turn on the car in my garage

Hope this also works for you.