Tesla Mobile Service Team - Canadian Maintenance/Repair Options

Tesla Mobile Service Team - Canadian Maintenance/Repair Options

As a Canadian Tesla Model S fan living in Red Deer, AB, I am one of the many Canadians who suffer from distance problems of wanting a TM EV. Those of which is distance to nearest service center for maintenance and/or repair.

A Tesla Model S Signature with a 480km range battery pack is my preferred choice of build. My issues with that are cost to have someone come from the nearest Canadian service center (Toronto, ON [3442km]) or the actual closest service center which is in the United States(Seattle, WA [1,279km]) to arrive and preform the yearly maintenance but also to repair my vehicle?

Scenario 1: I’ve ran the car for 1 year and it’s time for its yearly maintenance. I pay the per-kilometer rate +$600 service charge from either Seattle or Toronto. This means my yearly service is going to cost anywhere from $3158 - $7484 assuming I have to pay $1/km roundtrip from one of these destinations (Toronto or Seattle.)

Scenario 2: I’ve been in an accident (collision, windshield smashed, vandalism, etc..) and my car must be repaired. How does a Canadian go about this being so far away from the nearest service center? Is there a charge to come pickup your vehicle and haul it to the nearest center to get repaired? If so, how much is covered by insurance, and how much comes out of pocket?

Am I the only one with these concerns? Frankly they are my only ones. I am personally not worried about the cold Alberta winters; although, if someone knows how they operate in -40C/F (Being plugged in while parked of course,) I’d value your input.