New visualization car image/icon too white?

New visualization car image/icon too white?

Hey, it's my first post, so I'm sorry if I'm doing something wrong in advance!

After Firmware 2019.16.1 (which introduced the new visualization with auto zoom in the instrument panel), I found the car image/icon to be too white.



I know the reflection now adapts to the weather, but it's been clear sky, and it's still very white.

Customer support says it's supposed to be this way.

I'm wondering if my eyes are just too sensitive to this, or is this bothering other people as well?

Thanks! | 2019年6月4日

Odd, my S with a 2019.16.3 (and 16.1 ealier) doesn't have the white top. I also have a blue car (with a blue metal roof), so having the glass roof may make the difference. To me it looks like the mixed the white car's top with the blue car's bottom. Maybe wait for a few updates to see if they take care of it. If no one else reports the same thing, it may be some setting on your car. You might also try a reset of the main display and the instrument cluster (Push and hold both scroll wheels to reset main display, press and hold the two upper buttons above scroll wheels to reset the instrument cluster.

Perhaps someone else with a blue X can say if they see the same thing or not.

pg | 2019年6月4日

Yeah, absolutely the same thing. Very annoying...

pg | 2019年6月4日

I have a read one. On the big screen colors are OK, on the instrumental screen — disaster :(

Johnzal | 2019年6月5日

Hopefully a related topic. Regarding the new visualization update. Has anyone noticed that when stopped in traffic or parked in a parking lot the surrounding vehicle avatars seem to spin like tops and float and bump especially when stopped or parked with or without vehicles around my car. When moving they seem to the appropriate but when stopped they go crazy. There was a little bit of this previously but nothing like it is now.

jimglas | 2019年6月5日

free show!

Johnzal | 2019年6月5日

Yes, kind of fun to watch as, if I didn't know better, I would think that they are dancing to the music. But seriously, practically speaking it is annoying to say the least and does not give confidence that the car is seeing or displaying the information properly. It also sometimes does not see a large city bus coming up next to me and even will initiate self parking indicator while I am stopped at a stoplight surrounded in three lanes of heavy traffic and no parking anywhere in sight. Hard to trust the system with all of these bugs. I would like to assume that they test before releasing but it doesn't appear that way. I would think it would be more important to make sure that the technology is working properly then to worry about whether the color of the car is showing up the way we would like. I would think it would be better use of the engineers' time to resolve these basic bugs that affect the credibility of the underlying technology then to spend time on displaying a fire place for fun. Has anyone heard if this is otherwise been reported and or if they are planning on doing anything about it?

pg | 2019年6月6日

The same about rotating cars around when stopped. Looks like not everybody received the same update. Too few posts here...

Have anybody noticed instrumental panel screen flashing/bluring like old CRT monitor?

bruno | 2019年6月18日

I'm glad to hear it's not just me, and thus hopefully Tesla will do something about it. I still haven't gotten used to it, it always feels like something's broken in the instrument panel.

I'm currently on 2019.20.1 and it's still the same. And yes, it looks good (not white) on the big screen (even when in dark/night mode). I've also tried the scroll reset before, to no avail.

As for the rotating cars: also yes, and more since the visualization updates, now that you mention it, especially at very low speeds/stopped.

No flashing/blurring here anywhere, though.

jjgunn | 2019年6月19日

Yes....always tryin ta keep a brutha down