Door handle doesn't retract or open door

Door handle doesn't retract or open door

My left rear door handle on my 2015 Model S stopped retracting and won't let me open the door from the outside.

Anyone have similar experience?

Yodrak. | 2019年6月5日

It doesn't take much internet searching to see that Model S exterior door handle problems are not unusual.

Uncle Paul | 2019年6月5日

There are people that sell DIY parts, or if in warranty Tesla will repair it for you.

Common issue, especially with the early builds.

pastorjimkuchera | 2019年6月6日

Well, you're in the same boat as hundreds of early Model S owners such as myself. My May 2014 S85 has had five, yup 5, door handles go bad. And more to come, I suspect. The problem was largely solved when a new upgraded handle was developed. Unfortunately, they weren't designed to replace the first gen. $1,100.00 out of pocket if you're past the warranty. I purchased the EAP (Extended Assistance Plan) for $4,500 at 50K miles, and recovered that amount several fold. Another of my door handles is now acting up at 87K miles, and will need to be replaced shortly. I wish you well. Perhaps yours can be repaired. Mine? Nope.

Mathew98 | 2019年6月6日

I got the early bird special extended warranty for $2500. Will be getting the first 3 handles replaced next week at a public garage near my work. They were working fine for 5 years but decided to all quit within a week...

GHammer | 2019年6月6日

@pastorjim the 3rd gen door handles can now be retrofit.

sner66 | 2019年6月7日

My 2014 P85 just had driver door handle replaced by ranger and cost was $307.50
report said "replaced micro switches due to switch being at a fault state"
switch-$45; labor $262.50 28,500 miles