Battery technology

Battery technology

I own a 2016 signature model X P90D with 23k miles on it. The battery has lost its 80% range from 229 miles to 191miles at the last supercharger event. I have called Tesla to ask if this is an acceptable drop in range or if we need to check for issues. Have not gotten a response at this time.

With all the promising news about new technologies, to include dry cells, superconductors, and even in the distant future, the potential of a graphine cell system, I don’t know if I should wait, or push for the current technology to restore range. Will we be able to retrofit our current batteries with these new systems?

I can’t get a straight answer to these questions from anyone at Tesla.

Any suggestions? | 2019年6月8日

Battery is likely fine. I'd expect a 3-4 % loss on a 3 year old Tesla and maybe 1% per year thereafter. The 80% point is a woefully inaccurate way to check the battery.

The range calibration slowly goes down over time, as it's an estimate of the battery capacity. The actual capacity can only be checked after a drain (down to 20% or so) then charge to 100% and look at the range within a hour of reaching 100%. It's a pain to do this, and not ideal for the battery longevity, but it's the only way to get the range to recalibrate. I don't bother myself, but if you are really concerned, go through the process and check the real 100% capacity using this method.

Passion2Fly | 2019年6月9日

I have the exact same car. The 80% charge when new was 200 miles and not 229! Right now my car charges to 190 miles at 80% and 238 miles at 100%. That’s about 10 miles loss or 4% after three years. Perfectly normal!

Passion2Fly | 2019年6月9日

The P90D has a rated range of 250 miles!

jjgunn | 2019年6月9日

250 x 80% = 200.

Instead of calling Tesla, schedule a service appointment to have your battery health checked if you're worried (which I wouldn't be).

Also the "miles" listed on your screen are just a number. You might actually get more than 191 miles if you drive correctly or in optimal conditions.