SiriusXM Issues

SiriusXM Issues

Anyone else have issues with SiriusXM since last update? Frequently now, the station that plays when I get in the car is not the same as the station that was last playing when I left the car, but another "favorite". Also, there are many times that when I get in the car, it plays an FM radio station and not SiriusXM station that was on when I left the car, and touchscreen is frozen so I cannot change any station. Scheduled for a service appointment, but Tesla continues to text me to try to cancel the service. Latest is that they now acknowledge this is a "known firmware issue" that is under investigation.

jimglas | 2019年6月11日

Reboot your car
Sounds like some terrible first world problems
The horror!

ebender888 | 2019年6月11日

Reboots do not fix the problem, as it continually happens. But agree, definitely 1st world problem! Haha

David Trushin | 2019年6月11日

Not new problems. Been around since day one. Never seen a fix for radio problems.

Elcut | 2019年6月11日

Welcome to tesla world!

mathwhiz | 2019年6月11日

Just as a rule of thumb, it's not sufficient to say "...since the last update". You really need to identify the specific update please.

lancero | 2019年6月12日

Sorry....newb here and ordered the car in mid May. I was under the impression you couldn't get SiriusXM. So am I incorrect. Thank you.

jjgunn | 2019年6月12日

Sirius XM available for Model S/X not the Model 3.

Gotta save cost to bring the M3 to the masses

lancero | 2019年6月13日

Thank you jjgunn!

Charliek | 2019年6月19日

my model x with most current firmware has had this problem from day 1, when i get in the car the radio is on FM, which i never listen to. and i definitely leave it on SXM when i leave the car everytime. Tried 2 button reset but problem still happens

jimglas | 2019年6月19日

definitely a terrible first world problem.
to have to push the screen button to get back to SXM
the horror …….

lilbean | 2019年6月19日


Raffim | 2019年6月19日

So where is the Sirius XM option on the Model X? I just picked up the car yesterday and haven't had a chance to figure it out. Thank you!

jimglas | 2019年6月19日

all you need to do is sign into your acct, the app is on the entertainment system

Raffim | 2019年6月19日

sweet, thanks @jimglas!

lindacouch | 2019年8月16日

Yes, I've had my Model X for about 6 weeks now, and it drops the Sirius signal. All. The. Time. I've had a Sirius account since 2004 in everything from a portable device to a 4Runner to a Panamera without a problem, but the Tesla version has been awful. If I listened only to music, I would have already canceled it. But since I like two of the talk shows that are available only on SXM, I'm clinging.

jimglas | 2019年8月16日

make a service appt. You may have a bad antenna or connection.

jc228hob | 2019年8月19日

Pickup MX 8/16/2019 ,XM worded ONCE .has an answerNo one

rbuckle1ster | 2019年8月26日

My MX (9/17 delivery) does the same thing but it’s not just a Tesla problem. My BMW X5 did the sane thing

Jallen | 2019年8月28日

Had a 2017 MX 100D, no problem with SXM ever. Picked up a new "Raven"X Performance in late June, nothing but problems with SXM. Wrong stations at startup, SXM disappearing from list of options in radio, frozen screen, etc. Have a mobile service call to look at it on Tuesday....will report back here after. Seems to mostly happen when the car is "hot". Additionally, FSD fans start screaming at times as well. I think it might be something related to an overheating issue.

jimglas | 2019年8月28日

my problems always resolve after scrollwheel reboot

Doug.english | 2019年9月19日

Jallen - I have a newer Raven Model S and have had the same issues. SXM just randomly disappears from time to time (rebooting system does not help). When the SXM options disappear from the Infotainment screen, I can still see my SXM stations listed as "Favorites" but they do not work. Then at some random time (during drive, next drive, etc.) SXM starts working again. Very frustrating.

I currently have issue open with Tesla support but not making much progress so far. Have you had any luck? Seems to be more software issue than hardware issue.

deanyaukey | 2019年9月22日

I am having exact same issue as Doug. Model x brand new 2019 picked up tuesday. SXM disappeared and favorites that appear don’t work. Therefore this can’t be isolated to only his vehicle.

brett | 2019年9月25日

I’m in my third model S since August, the first S the front drive motor seized before the car was a day old BUT SXM worked! Telsa gave me a loaner for a month while they built me a new S, SXM worked perfectly on the loaner. On 9/10 picked up the replacement S and SXM is as flaky as hell. SXM goes into the wheel of wait randomly, favorite SXM stations dont keep their correct names in the favorites list. SXM does not play randomly. as reported above rebooting does not resolve this issue.

SOooo, is this a software issue OR is it an antenna issue?

cmetildi24 | 2019年9月25日

I just activated the Tesla on my SXM account. It worked fine for one day and now I'm having the same problems as Doug, deanyaukey and Brett. I submitted an issue with Tesla support but not sure if I will hear back any time soon. I will update if I hear anything. Hopefully someone will provide some answers.....?

carolinewinnett | 2019年9月28日

I am having the same problem - XM often goes to station 1, or screen freezes, and now today it won't work at all. This is a 2019 Model S, and I had a 2016 Model S for three years with no problems ever.

So it's a problem with the newer models that Tesla needs to fix. Tesla, are you listening?

campusden | 2019年9月30日

Does anyone else have a SXM button or an FM button with version 10. As of now, if the station wasn't a favorite previously, it can't be tuned, no group folders either.

shcohenmd | 2019年9月30日

Just received v10 upgrade last night and SXM is gone. Exact same issues as campusden. Was working perfectly up until then...

PalmVegas | 2019年10月10日

Having the same issue as everyone else. 2019 Model X.
Sirius locks up, goes dead, display Sirius acct number.
Changing channels unfreezes sometimes, but then goes dead again.
Rebooted car, no good. Starts all over again

PalmVegas | 2019年10月10日

Having the same issue as everyone else. 2019 Model X.
Sirius locks up, goes dead, display Sirius acct number.
Changing channels unfreezes sometimes, but then goes dead again.
Rebooted car, no good. Starts all over again

rbaker2 | 2019年10月11日

+1 here. XM was perfect on my 2016 Model X. Now same problems as reported by everyone else. Reboot does not fix. Fixes itself randomly. The first time it happened, I called Sirius, who sent a re-activation signal to the radio. That worked for a few days.

Hard to believe it's all our antennas!

tbbuck | 2019年10月14日

Same problems here. XM Freezes, then drops signal, then comes back on (wrong station) about 5 minutes later. My issues are quite predictable now - happens about every 20 minutes after the latest “self fix” when XM comes back on by itself. I had an appointment later this week, but they rescheduled via text message stating that my issue can not be resolved. Outstanding customer service. This is the same ”customer service” we experienced in the mid to late 90’s with PCs and Microsoft tech support. “So is your computer plugged in?” ”Yes.” “Have you tried “ctrl-alt-del?” ”Seven times.” “Sounds like there’s no fix, you’re gonna have to reinstall windows.”

henry | 2019年10月17日

I have a one month old Model X and the same issues with XM have occurred. Sometimes there is no XM at all and other times it freezes and I can't select a channel. If I park and then come back later it seems to be working. Given the price of this car this must be fixed immediately...

Alex K | 2019年10月17日

I'll chime in with XM problems with my 3 week old Raven Model X (long range). Same problems as everyone else has experienced, so I'm not really adding much to the conversation.

I've had it fail on short 10 minute trips multiple times, but had it not fail on a long 4 hour trip. In most of the cases rebooting with the scroll wheel makes the problem go away. Other times, I have to go park the car and manually power it off. Many times the XM radio goes away but comes back after about 2 minutes (self-rebooting?). I've also had the FM radio fail a few times when the XM radio failed. Also, had the FM radio working and when switching to XM, the XM stations would show on the display, but it would continue playing the FM radio and eventually the display would show the FM station again. Many times XM volume would go away, but after I played some USB music, the volume came back - that could have been during it's "self-rebooting" of the XM radio. | 2019年10月20日

Not sure if there is a real problem or not for everyone here. Some of the issues sound like a loss of satellite signal or inability to acquire it. Keep in mind XM is a line-of-sight to the satellite. It does not work in tunnels, and if there are tall buildings between you and the satellite, it also may not work. It has a small buffer, so it should work under overpasses, if you're not under it for an extended period. | 2019年10月20日

So in the time that you reboot, it may be back in range and the return of XM may have nothing to do with the reboot. Not saying I'm right on this, and there could be other issues, but often people expect perfection from XM, which is really not possible in any vehicle.