2019.20.1 Sentry Mode disables Autopilot

2019.20.1 Sentry Mode disables Autopilot

2018 Model S owner here. I got 2018.16.2 update and the incompatibility between Sentry Mode and AP started.
As far as I understood, Sentry Mode doesn't let AP computer sleep. Then AP stops working. The initial symptom is high beam is ON when I start driving in broader day light as i enable Auto High Beam (the auto part is gone though). Car can't see lanes anymore.

I did the reset method and it worked but then the problem comes back. 2019.20.1 seems to have lowered the chance of this happening significantly but I still got it for the second time today.

I did a Bug Report via the car speaker button. I thought to share it here. Or should I send Tesla a private email? And how?


EVRider | 2019年6月15日

I don’t know if Sentry Mode affects AP or not, but are you using Sentry Mode whenever the car is parked, even at home?

wisam.alrawi | 2019年6月15日

Yes. I live in an apartment complex. You never know when someone will do something to your car.
I disabled Sentry Mode and left the car to go to sleep . Came back later and Autopilot is back.

Prior to that, I did Power Off and it didn't help. I even did a Factory Reset and AP never came back. It seems that when doing a factory reset it does not reset AP computer. There is no manual wat to do that.

Only turning off Sentry and leave the car to go to Deep Sleep then coming back restores AP for me.

EVRider | 2019年6月15日

How long do you have to leave your car parked on Sentry Mode before AP goes away?

wisam.alrawi | 2019年6月16日

I don't know exactly how long nor how to trigger it. It used to happen a lot on 2019.16.2 but since 2019.20.1 it rarely happens. But it can be triggered. I sometimes go around the car, head upstairs to pickup stuff from my apartment then come back to the car and maybe do it again in the morning. Sentry gets triggered as I walk horizontally across the front bumper going to the driver's door. Just how my car is parked in the apartments complex covered parking.
I can try to simulate and see if I can get Sentry Mode to break AP.

EVRider | 2019年6月17日

I’ve never had the issue, and I haven’t seen reports from anyone else. It could be just a coincidence, and the AP issue is actually caused by something else. It seems unlikely AP stops working just because the car doesn’t sleep. It is strange, though.

wisam.alrawi | 2019年6月17日


I didn't even know it existed till I got affected. My friend informed me about it. He just got his Model 3 this week but he was researching Tesla cars for a while and he follows the news and TMC

wisam.alrawi | 2019年6月17日

I just got 2019.20.2.1 update. This time the app asked me to turn off Sentry Mode before updating. I did that.
Let's hope this fixes the issue once and for all.

EVRider | 2019年6月18日

Turning off Sentry Mode before updating is not a new thing. You can’t start an update when Sentry Mode is enabled because Sentry Mode will be inactive while the car is updating.