Cabin filter replacement

Cabin filter replacement

Has anyone been able to purchase any aftermarket or OEM cabin filter? I know tesla can replace for over $100 bit I see carbon cabin filters on Amazon for the S and X. Assume due to the model 3 still new but we have gone thru a bad fire seasons. Anyone successful yet? Found instructions on how to change but... where’s the filters to buy? BTw my local tesla doesn’t have them in stock.

kaffine | 2019年6月16日

I was able to buy the filters from my Tesla SC for around $38 for both it requires 2 filters. I wasn't able to find anywhere else to get them other than Tesla. Here is a youtube video I found showing how to replace the filter.

ericdmann | 2019年7月25日

I live in Los Angeles. Also can't get them from Tesla. Keep making Appointments to change out and they keep canceling on me....

vmulla | 2019年7月25日

Those filters are supposed to last a long time why are you replacing them so soon?

Passion2Fly | 2019年7月25日

Carbon filters last a really long time....

bpatter123 | 2019年7月26日

kaffine is right on. The only option for the pair (same part #) of filters has been the Tesla dealer- they charged me $36. The cabin air filter exchange actually looks easier than my Volvo C-30 which needs to remove the gas pedal...There was no option for the HEPA type fiter which comes in the S & X. Im sure other mfgs are gonna jump on this market.

beaver | 2019年7月26日

FYI Tesla service schedule says we only need to replace the filters every two years.