Supercharger Westfield Culver City mall parking lot

Supercharger Westfield Culver City mall parking lot

Not sure if this is the proper forum - but I went to use the Supercharger here a few months ago - hooked the car up and then went into the mall for a soda. When I came back around 20 minutes later - there was no charge at all. I didn't have enough time to trouble-shoot, but I did have enough charge to get home.

Early last week I went again. This time to buy some sock at J.C. Penney and then off to do chores around the city. There was a line which went quickly - but the stall which was open had the cable unhooked and laying OVER THE TOP OF THE CHARGING stand. Hmm. I tried to plug it in but the "nozzle" was broken and wouldn't go in. There was at least THREE MORE STALLS with cable strapped over the charging stand. Out of order. Another stall opened up and pulled it, hooked it up - and it said it was charging. I went inside, bought some sock and when I came back - nothing. Again, no charge. Not one mile. Frustrating! I called Tesla. 15 minutes later someone got on the line and did a lot of research (another 15 minutes) but suggested I try another stall - the recommended a few "good ones". Which was a little disturbing. I pulled back into line and waited for around 10 minutes (4 cars). I pulled into the stall and hooked it up said it wasn't charging. Weird. I unhooked it and hooked it back on and hit button that said "start charging" (or something like that). And it actually started. So. I go inside to get a quick bite (I'm now hungry) Burger King - fast food! But now it's peak time and not as fast as I would like. I eat my burger, fried and a drink and return to my car. Charged up! Yay! But when I get home I get an email - to pay my 9 minute overcharge (or whatever they call it) at 50 centa a mile. Sucks.

Anyway, I'm concerned that these supercharger stations are not being properly maintained. I've had the car three years now (or is it four?) and have never had supercharger issues (besides waiting) before. Please Tesla - this could be a problem. Just hope this problem will be addressed and addressed quickly. (because it happened twice at the same place, it's disconcerting).

BTW - love my P85DL.

jimglas | 2019年6月17日

I did a double take
I thought you said you were buying stock in JC Penney...

SamO | 2019年6月17日

9 minutes over at $1.00 per minute.

Try Five Guys next time. It's much closer.