Please Fix this Forum

Please Fix this Forum

Please fix this forum so that we are able to see which posts are new and which ones have responses like the other sections. Thank you. | 2019年6月30日

@bean - I made that same request two years ago and you can see the result - crickets.

Q Q | 2019年6月30日


edwardneal2222 | 2019年7月2日

Is this forum actively monitored by the people who could make the fix you are requesting? I am new on this forum having used the my solar city forums in the past and the forum over there was not monitored at all as far as I know

edwardneal2222 | 2019年7月2日

also - forgive the off topic question, but can you tell me how to start my own thread here in the Tesla forums? I dont see any obvious button or icon like there is on the mysolarcity forums - - Thanks

clos000 | 2019年7月4日

there should be a post new topic button in the upper right but I guess you have to verify you are an owner to see it.

fag58417 | 2019年11月27日

This forum needs lots of fixation.


bj | 2019年11月30日

Yes, this forum is carp.

gregbrew | 2019年12月2日

Where are the moderators?!?

The spam posts with links are completely out of hand.

Banning the posting of links should take care of it.

bryan321 | 2020年4月3日

Yes, Where are the moderators? I guess they are in quarantine. | 2020年4月4日

Tesla forums have never really had moderators. Users can flag spam. There is a free chrome plugin that can auto-flag a lot of the spam too. It also has a bunch of other cool features to enhance the Tesla forums. See screenshots to see what it does:

There have been rumors for months that a major forum overhaul from Tesla is coming, but so far nothing yet.

jeff | 2020年4月11日

It would be nice to be able to reply directly to a specific comment. Most forums have's not rocket science.

bryan321 | 2020年5月11日
If you hired moderators, they would have a job, which is doing this Extension. Bro,.. you are reducing employment. Anyway, its called technology. And i am really happy to hear from you. | 2020年5月11日

@bryan321 - Not sure you were clear, but I'm not a Tesla employee and I can't hire anyone at Tesla. I do sometimes hear stuff before others :)

I expect the Forum overhaul was put on hold with COVID. With the Fremont factory opening today, hopefully, the other staff are all back at work and with luck, the forum overhaul project is back on track

gregbrew | 2020年5月12日

STEP 1: Remove all posts with a Web link, and disallow any new posts containing Web links.

That would eliminate the vast majority of spambot script-based posts, which account for the majority of posts now, rendering this forum nearly useless. | 2020年5月13日

@gregbrew - I agree with one modification - owners are allowed to post links. Clearly, the spammers are not owners, so not allowing posts with links from non-owners would handle 99% of the spam. | 2020年5月13日

Also (this will seem like spam) you can use my free Chrome extension. It detects quite a bit of spam and auto-flags those spammers. You can add users and/or links to blacklists. There are some screenshots to show what it does. It is very specific to the Tesla forums and is inactive anywhere else.

I got so tired of all the spam, I really wrote this for myself, but a few friends said they wanted it, so I made it public. It has a bunch of other features too. | 2020年5月13日

Yikes, I forgot I plugged this earlier. Sorry about that.

bp | 2020年5月15日

Tesla hasn't added forums for Y or Cybertruck.

No one is monitoring the spam.

At this point, they should close the forums and let 3rd parties support the Tesla community, with better forum tools and management.

In the early days, the forums were useful for the Tesla early adopters - but Tesla doesn't need that any more.

Though until they shut the forum down, among all of the noise, there is still enough useful communication to justify participating...

gregbrew | 2020年5月15日

I don't know...when four out of five posts are spam for Indian escorts, the usefulness of this forum is diminished to nearly zero.

owlegrad2 | 2020年5月15日

Forum software is is a mature industry. It's mind-boggling that these forums exist in the state they are in. I am sure there is freeware that would be better than this garbage.

Yet I keep coming back for more so...

paul_ceja | 2020年5月15日

looking for a copy of my contract

gregbrew | 2020年5月16日

Click on "Tesla Account" at the top of this page, then click on "Manage" next to your project.

softreviewies | 2020年5月19日

I think you are right lilbean. It is really frustrating about the random post.I do agree. | 2020年5月20日

softreviewies is a bot spammer. Please flag. Clever that they grabbed the OP's name

gregbrew | 2020年5月21日

Yup. The scumbags who program and deploy these things are getting quite sophisticated.

I call them "Bast-nerds"...