"Group buy opportunity" for custom M3 Mud Flaps - ~$34.95

"Group buy opportunity" for custom M3 Mud Flaps - ~$34.95

Hello all,

As some of you know, I follow this forum as well as the Telsa Motors Club (TMC) form. Between the two, and my desire to get a set, I saw a desire for someone to offer a decent, custom alternative to those $150 and $180 mud flaps being sold out there. Well, I found a US based source, Tsolutions, and arranged a "Group Buy" over on TMC. I'm not asking that you jump over to TMC to participate, but rather just for information. I spoke to "Mike" at Tsolutions and he will add us Tesla Forum Members to the growing list (to receive the group buy discount - ~$34.94; regular price will be $49.95 shortly) if you post interest here and send him an email.

Link to TMC for information only (product info and member interest and feedback)- BELO

Information about Tsolutions' mud flaps and the "Group Buy" opportunity without TMC member feedback/interest - BELOW

"Hello everyone. As evidenced by several "Mud Flaps" threads, many of you have been searching for a reasonably priced, not unattractive, no drilling required, alternative to the outrageously priced ones discussed at length in this forum. I believe I found a viable solution here...

So, I reached out to Tsolutions to see if a TMC group buy discount could be created for us. Tsolutions replied promptly with the following (see below). If you are interested, order via the link above and let Tsolutions know you are part of the TMC group buy! I am looking forward to receiving mine and posting a review of the product here as well. If you are planning to "give it a go," please comment below so others can see that we are getting close to, or exceeding the Group Buy discount quantity of 20. I plan to get a set as TMC #1 group buyer.

"Hello everyone - this is Mike from Tsolutions. I want to thank jebinc for setting up this group buy. We need at least 20 orders to offer the 15% discount so the best way to do it is for everyone interested to respond here and as soon as we hit 20 interested users we will create a coupon code and post it here. If you want to email me ( I will keep a list as well and respond with the coupon code when available."

P.S. These are also "Made in the U.S.A.," if country of origin matters to anyone...

Also, if I did the math right, the Group Buy price for these would be ~$33.95. Introductory price is $39.95 (anyone can order at that price), and regular price of $49.95 - and FREE shipping.

EDIT: Found the installation instructions, and they are pretty good. - BELOW "

jebinc | 2019年7月15日

Thank you!

Tyguy | 2019年7月15日

I'm interested.

jebinc | 2019年7月15日

@Tyguy - Please email Mike of your interest as well.

ALL: To get the discount, you need to post here and, preferably, also email Mike as he is maintaining a list of discounted customers.

jebinc | 2019年7月15日

Update: We have achieved our 20 or more goal, so Mike will be providing the discount code shortly.

jebinc | 2019年7月15日

Group Discount Code is IN - See below

This from Mike, and he extended the discount to the tail light lenses as well! Thanks Mike!

“I have the discount coupon code for you - tsolutions15. Please let
everyone know on both forums.

It is active now for the splash guards and the tail light masks, if
anyone is interested. Please let everyone know that with our recent
surge of orders, shipping of new orders will be delayed by about 7
days while we restock. The coupon code will expire on Friday, 7/19 at

steevsteevsteev | 2019年7月15日

Ordered! Thanks for organizing this. Hopefully these will prevent further paint chips on the lower sides of my car. Maybe they'll be less perpetually dirty too.

jebinc | 2019年7月15日

@steevsteevsteev Happy too! Notice Mike also included the 15% discount to the tail light masks as well. I'm going to give those "a go" as well!

jebinc | 2019年7月15日

Shout out to @Tyguy - Your order is ready - Pickup on aisle 5!

FISHEV | 2019年7月15日

The don't look much different than the CDC cut Canadian mud flaps for Tesla which I got but never installed. Cheaper and US made but pretty much the same.

I'm hoping someone builds some nice 3D ones before ski season starts. If not, I'll put on the flat ones.

jebinc | 2019年7月15日

@FISHEV - There are some Chinese made 3D ones now, but they have a month+ lead time. No reviews or install pictures yet. Price was in the upper $30 range, if I recall. You can find them on Amazon, eBay and people talking about them on TMC. They have a look of Honda and Subaru OEM flaps, but are rubber like, which I find odd as grit can get between the wrap around edge - ruining the paint they are meant to protect.

FISHEV | 2019年7月15日

Thanks I'll look for them and hope someone buys and tries them and posts about it.

jebinc | 2019年7月15日

@FISHEV - Several Telsa Motors Club (TMC) members ordered them and will post reviews in the M3 forum early in August, when theirs are scheduled to arrive. Just search the Model 3 forum for "Mud Flaps".

jebinc | 2019年7月16日


Steven.Haver | 2019年7月16日

Is anyone else having a shipping error? I get all the way to the end and then can’t select a shipping method and get an error message instead.

Something about the USPS rate3 API is no longer available. I sent an email and I’ll try again later. Thanks!

stopnair | 2019年7月16日

yeah shipping error..

jebinc | 2019年7月16日

@Steven.Haver and @stopnair - Yes, this technical issue cropped up overnight, Mike said. I sent him your posts above so email him at in case the matter isn't resolved quickly.

jebinc | 2019年7月16日

Typo in original post - Group Buy price is $33.96.

jebinc | 2019年7月16日

I'm told the site is up and running again...

cchirag | 2019年7月16日

I'd be interesting in these as well... will email the support at tsolutions dot online email incase i do not see any response...

wdbutrym | 2019年7月16日

I was not able to place the order, still stuck at the shipping error.

jebinc | 2019年7月16日

Just in from Mike - Up and running again!!!!

"Hi John,

Looks like we are back up and running with our shopping cart. People can go back to ordering from out web site, however, please let everyone know we are not offering free shipping to Canada. Our cost to ship is
$21 that we will bill in a separate PayPay invoice.



TickTock | 2019年7月16日

Cool. Now I finally have something to put these on:

babagua | 2019年7月17日

I'm getting 'em.

Steven.Haver | 2019年7月17日

Yep, site working fine now. Got mine this morning. Thanks again for organizing this. I hope they work well!

jebinc | 2019年7月17日

All that joined me in this endeavor - Thank you for being co-pioneers! Mine arrive today, and I plan to post a review and pictures, in the TMC group buy thread I created, Thursday or Friday this week. I'll add a link to this thread, for those interested. I also talked to Mike and suggested he offer a low profile variant as well. I think we will start working on that design at some point. Must better than being gouged by that other multi-profile flaps provider; who appears to be capitalizing on the lack of offerings right now. I'm hopeful this provider will teach that one a lesson in micro economics and capitalism. ;-)

steevsteevsteev | 2019年7月17日

When I placed my order on the 15th, I got a PayPal receipt but no other order confirmation from the vendor. Is this what others experienced?

jebinc | 2019年7月17日

@steevsteevsteev - For some, yes. Just email him.

jebinc | 2019年7月17日

@steevsteevsteev - For some, yes. Just email him.

steevsteevsteev | 2019年7月18日

I emailed him and got a prompt response. All good.

CharleyBC | 2019年7月18日

@jebinc: Looking forward to your review! Especially ease of installation, impressions of quality, and aesthetics. Thanks for organizing!

jebinc | 2019年7月18日

@ CharleyBC and others - My review can be found here!

jebinc | 2019年7月18日

I should have said, "Review and Pictures"....

tesla_lee | 2019年7月18日

It is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks, I just ordered one.

SoCalDriver | 2019年7月18日

Looks good, I want to order a set

jebinc | 2019年7月18日

@SoCalDriver - Thanks! The price is not $34.95, but rather $33.96! I screwed the title up and this forum software is unforgiving....

jebinc | 2019年7月18日

FYI - Group Buy discount code expires tomorrow (7/19/19) at midnight.

jebinc | 2019年7月18日

Thanks to all you and TMC members, our group buy crossed over 150 orders!

jebinc | 2019年7月19日

Last day for group buy discount coupon.

SoCalDriver | 2019年7月19日

I’m still waiting for the coupon code. I sent an email a couple days ago.

jebinc | 2019年7月19日

@SoCalDriver - The coupon code is posted above in this thread... It's "tsolutions15"...

jebinc | 2019年7月19日

^^^^ $33.96/set coupon expires tonight at midnight.

jebinc | 2019年7月19日

A review with pictures, for those who may be interested.

jebinc | 2019年7月19日

Heard back from Tesla SC Delivery Specialist - His reply was, "Hi xxxx, I unfortunately don’t have an answer on this right now, but I don’t believe that is something we are able to do. I believe the “sleeper” Performance Model 3s we are offering have an upgraded drive inverter from the normal AWD which we are not able to retrofit. I will definitely let you know if I hear something different!"

drrock75k | 2019年7月20日

How does one establish an account? All I see on the order form is the option to login to existing account. Thanks.

jebinc | 2019年7月20日

@drrock75k - Should but, but if not, just email Mike at

jebinc | 2019年7月20日

Thanks to all 150+ co-pioneers with me on this effort! Please post a review, with pictures either here or in the TMC Group Buy thread. The Group Buy discount code has been retired. Your rockers and doors will be much happier, once protected!

mrquanhoangnguyen | 2019年7月22日

I'm very interested in this product. Let me shoot an email to Mike as well. Thanks for your post.

jebinc | 2019年7月22日

@mrquanhoangnguyen - How did it go with Mike?

jweiner | 2019年7月22日

jibing - I posted in the TMC forum also, but have you installed these mudflaps yet? I'd love to see pics.

jweiner | 2019年7月22日

darn autocorrect - -jebinc