Model 3 can now read iPod!

Model 3 can now read iPod!

Not sure when it got updated but when my brother-in-law was test driving my SR+ yesterday, he said that he read somewhere that it takes iPod as music source. I told him, nope. That's the first thing I did when I got it om June 20th. It just recognized it as a storage. It was not able to play music from the iPod. But when we tried his iPod, it worked! So I tried mine again and it indeed worked. Only thing is, it doesn't use the same tags in iTunes so Albums, Artist, Genre, etc are a bit a mess.

Another good thing is you can search via Song title. It cannot show result on Artist or Album search. It can also seqech if your source is a usb drive.

But I already bought a 128gb usb drive for my music source. I have 19k songs in my ipod and it takes 10 mins or more for it to read all the files.

Lesson learned. All the things we complain that are missing now might be updated in the future. As long as hardware is there. Sooner than we think. Maybe one of these days, we can watch and delete files in our TeslaCam usb.

raqball | 2019年8月4日

I have a lot of songs from iTunes that won't play. I think they are m4p files. Not a big deal as I had mp3 copies in Google Music for most..

What firmware are you on?

Luna620 | 2019年8月4日


M3phan | 2019年8月5日

I’m impressed that you still have an iPod.

EVRider | 2019年8月5日

iPods can be configured to look like disks, which is probably why this works. There’s no iPod/iPhone integration via USB, though many of us wish there were.

Sky Pilot | 2019年8月5日

I'll have to try mine. I use it in my other car(s) because it would plug into the aux port, but wouldn't work in my M3. It's a Nano (yeah, it's old, but still reliable).

Magic 8 Ball | 2019年8月5日

What is an iPod? Is that like a cassette deck or something? Asking for a friend.

CharleyBC | 2019年8月5日

Maybe a dumb question since I haven’t touched an iPod for years: @klouie_lim, are you connecting your iPod via USB or Bluetooth? (Do they even have Bluetooth?)

Luna620 | 2019年8月5日

LOL to be clear, iPod Classic 160gb. Not Nano, Shuffle or iPod Touch. So no bluetooth.

To clarify, it's partial iPod integration. I do not use my iPod as hd storage. It's not as detailed as the one in my previous Acura MDX. But it works.

It is plugged in one of the USB ports for the TeslaCam and music. Actually, I have a usb hub and that's where it is connected together with the TeslaCam.

The integration is more like the same as you have the music in usb.

I was surprised too and I looked like an idiot telling my bro-in-law that it won't work.

I probably wont use it though, I have 19k songs and it takes a long time to get it to play. Probably on roadtrips.

EV TomSJ | 2019年12月22日

New Model 3 running 2019.40.2.1. My 160GB iPod Classic doesn’t seem to be recognized. Maybe the feature disappeared in subsequent updates?

I’ll be getting a large SSD to enable the camera functions, so it looks like I should reserve some space on tha for my music collection.

bddaughe | 2019年12月22日

I have 40.2.1 and it still recognizes my iPod Classic. It took a long time to initially as I have over 12,000 songs. But once loaded, it stays loaded. The only issue I see is that Apple Lossless songs show up as XXXX.m4a (some 4 letter character combination).without any other metadata. It's not set up in disk mode and as stated iPod classic doesn't even have Bluetooth. Would be curious about other's experience.

WW_spb | 2019年12月22日

Man, I need to find my cable to see if my iPod still works. Has been sitting in garage for 3 years now

M3Frozen | 2020年2月25日

Well, I have a 2020 Model 3 and it does not recognize my ipod classic 160G either. Like the others here, I have all my music on it so it would be great if it could. I do find it interesting some people made it work... so I will keep trying. Not sure if there are settings I should try.

Big_Ed | 2020年2月25日

Yeah but what about Zune?