FUSC on June delivery MX 100D not applied

FUSC on June delivery MX 100D not applied

Hey guys, it's been almost 2 months since I took delivery of my existing inventory, pre-raven, MX 100D that I ordered June 1st and took delivery on June 10. This was supposed to come with FUSC. I did not discover it until 2 weeks into my ownership when I first used the Supercharger and it charged me.

Called my SA and said he'll look into it and that he's almost certain it's an admin error and they will correct it and give me a refund. Since it was a quarter end, I did not panic and I knew they were going crazy with deliveries.

Long story short, several emails back and forth with my SA, I still don't have FUSC. :( This is getting frustrating and when I told my SA that I may seek some legal assistance to help me resolve this matter, he said once I do that, he can't talk to me any longer and that Tesla's legal team will have to start dealing with my legal counsel.

He claims he's escalated it to his regional manager, that they are seeing it from their end, but I'm clearly still getting charged. He said it's not just me and that there's others that they are also trying to resolve.

I want to seek your collective wisdom as I am at wits end here. FUSC is the main factor we pulled the trigger on the purchase and are currently scheduled to do a cross-country (NY - CA) road trip with the family that includes (ironically) a Factory Tour in Fremont.

What do you think are my options in this predicament? Thanks!

Alex310 | 2019年8月7日

First and foremost never with any company as large as Tesla mention legal action unless you are ready to actually take legal action, specially never say you are lemoning a car. They are trained to immediately stop speaking to you and things get much worse.

I am in somewhat in the same boat as you. Tesla has 0 customer service once you take delivery. Your sales associate is powerless and post delivery customer service is email only. I’ve had 10 tickets submitted, I’ve emailed everyone I can and I am getting nowhere. But i am within my 7 day return period so i am probably going to return the car.

I’ve seen customers get charged when they have FUSC get reimbursed but their account when they would login had FUSC listed. If you do not have it listed it is going to be difficult to get it added.

gguinto | 2019年8月7日

Thanks @Alex310. Sorry to hear you're in the same boat as me, but I'm glad I'm not the only one. Misery loves company I guess. LOL

Please keep me posted with your situation. I'm just trying to be the "squeaky wheel" to my SA at this point. Luckily, my local Tesla store is about a mile from where I work and I pass it everyday. I will continue to pester them daily and be the biggest PITA to them until this is resolved.

Maybe during our factory tour next week, I can find people that can help me get this resolved. Thanks for sharing your experience!

gguinto | 2019年8月7日

Quick update: As of 5:00pm EST, Tesla finally came through and activated my FUSC on my Model X. Just in time for our cross country road trip this Friday! :)

Alex310 | 2019年8月8日

Amazing!! Congrats!!