Anyone have the new Tesla App that improves solar information?

Anyone have the new Tesla App that improves solar information?

A new version, 3.9.0, of the Tesla app is being released this week. Has anyone received it? And, if so, how is it?

EVRider | 2019年8月13日

If you have an iPhone, the new version is already available in the App Store, so can get it yourself and check it out.

rlwrw | 2019年8月14日

My system has been turned on for two weeks. It forced me to go to the Apple store to get an i-something in order to use the app. I got version 3.8.6, which already had a lot of what is described in 3.9.0. Probably just finessing in the newer version.
The only knock I have on it is that there are times when data is not available, but it will eventually come back, and fill in the blanks.

wisam.alrawi | 2019年8月14日

I got the updated app for Android yesterday or the day before. I don't have solar so I don't know.

Mike83 | 2019年8月15日

From the app update on my PXL.

View your solar production for any historical day, month, year, or lifetime
- Download your solar production and battery usage data

rlwrw | 2019年8月15日

One feature I would like to have added: The daily solar production curves, and usage timelines for previous days.
I was showing the app to someone on a clear day, and wanted to show the cloud dips in solar production from a previous day, but all that was available were the bar graphs.

Cpetrosianbini | 2019年8月19日

I cannot log into the Tesla app on my iPhone. I get error message “There are no products linked to your Tesla account.” I have no way to access my Tesla account. I tried to call twice and was on hold for over an hour before having to hang up. I have sent email but they seem understaffed and I don’t know if anyone will call me back. No way I’ll consider buying a Tesla.

Cpetrosianbini | 2019年8月19日

Has anyone else had trouble with the solar city to Tesla transition being unable to access your Tesla account thru the app?

wallinsutton | 2019年10月8日