I do not like "lane assist"

I do not like "lane assist"

Today while driving on the freeway, I moved onto the left shoulder to avoid a trash bag that was taking half my lane. Lane assist attempted to steer me back into the trash bag.
I have had the same thing happen while avoiding pot holes.
I have had several cases where lane assist tried to push me back into the lane when I was keeping clear of cars that were having trouble staying in their lane. Often shortly followed by beeping and a "Take control immediately" error even though none of the auto drive features were enabled.

This is a feature that I would turn off if I could.
It is rather irritating to have something grab the wheel and try to steer me back into the thing I'm trying to avoid.
I can't think of a single instance where it has intervened appropriately.

carlk | 2019年8月13日


Wilber | 2019年8月13日

It drove me crazy too. I turned it off months ago. The manual says: Lane Departure Avoidance
Lane Departure Avoidance provides steering
interventions if Model 3 drifts into (or close to)
an adjacent lane when driving between 25 and
90 mph (40 and 145 km/h) on major
roadways with clearly visible lane markings.
Touch Controls > Autopilot > Lane Departure
Avoidance and choose:
• OFF: You are not warned of lane
departures or potential collisions with a
vehicle in an adjacent lane.
• WARNING: The steering wheel vibrates if a
front wheel passes over a lane marking
while the associated turn signal is off. A
visual warning on the touchscreen is also
• ASSIST: In addition to the steering wheel
vibration and a visual warning, Model 3
attempts to steer to a safer position in its
driving lane if the vehicle detects drifting
or a potential collision while the
associated turn signal is off.
Your setting is retained until you manually change it.

ElectricAlex | 2019年8月13日

Turn it off, move on.

Luna620 | 2019年8月13日

It’s meant to save you from that situation where you drift off unintentionally. These safety features are like insurance. It’s annoying to pay for the premium but you will be glad that you have it when you need it.

You can easily gain control of the wheel, if needed. At first it’s quite scary but You’ll eventually learn its tendencies and control it easily.

One way to prevent it from nudging is to use your turn signals even if it’s just avoiding a trash bag.

TickTock | 2019年8月14日

FWIW, I love lane assist. It is exactly these kind of features that I want. Yes, it occasionally tries to correct when it shouldn't but it is easy to control. I really really really like the incremental comfort I feel knowing that the Tesla has my back if I get distracted or sleepy. It's not perfect but it's a nice improvement.

rdh37 | 2019年8月14日

With the most recent updates, you can permanently turn off the emergency lane departure feature. I am on 28.3 at the moment but the ability to turn this off came at least 1 or 2 revisions back. Glad Tesla listened to the numerous complaints, including mine, about not being able to permanently disable this feature. In my experience, it did not work at all appropriately. The one time it activated it was trying to steer me back into a lane that I was leaving to get into a turn lane into a garage. I try to use most Tesla features to help with learning but this one is, again in my opinion, is no where near ready for prime time. I will, of course, reconsider this in another release or two. For now, have a nice day.

raqball | 2019年8月14日

I like the feature and keep it on.. Sure there have been a few times where I wanted to move over to pass a cyclist or pedestrian on small 2 lane roads and it kicks in but I am use to it now and just apply additional pressure to the steering wheel to make it behave how I want..

M3BlueGeorgia | 2019年8月14日

Just use the indicator.
This is a desirable safety feature.

calvin940 | 2019年8月14日

I like this feature as well and leave it on. Just the other day I demonstrated it to my wife sitting in the passenger seat and it was awesome. The car and its features are truly impressive. Like all new technologies, this car improves over time and these features only get better.

ODWms | 2019年8月14日

I turned mine off long ago. I’m not a driver who leaves a lane “unintentionally.”

Joshan | 2019年8月14日

until you do :) no one plans to...

Its kinda like leaving the kids in the car, everyone says "I would never do that" but they do.

jebinc | 2019年8月14日
ODWms | 2019年8月14日

“Everyone” leaves their kids in the car? Um... no.

Joshan | 2019年8月14日

/yawn.... try harder

derotam | 2019年8月14日

I do not like lane assist
I do not like it, not one bit
I do not like it on a mountain
I do not like it around a fountain

I do not like lane assist
I do not like it, not one bit!

Sorry...I've been reading way too much Cat In The Hat to my kids lately. haha

Magic 8 Ball | 2019年8月14日

No need to throw a fit!

derotam | 2019年8月14日

...for the record, I do like lane assist. I just didn't feel like finishing out the poem to that effect. :)

douglas_peale | 2019年8月14日

I was not aware that it changed so that one did not have to turn it off every time the car is started. I have turned lane assist off.
So this is the second "safety feature" I have turned of because it caused more problems than it solved. The first was obstacle aware acceleration.

hamiltonned | 2019年8月15日

How many other cars allow you to "turn off" a feature if you don't like it?

calvin940 | 2019年8月15日

"until you do :) no one plans to..."


ODWms | 2019年8月15日

hamiltonned | August 15, 2019
”How many other cars allow you to "turn off" a feature if you don't like it?”


Personally, I tired awhile back of having to overpower the feature every time I want to avoid a road obstacle or cyclist. But the good news is, it’s selectable. No need to tell others what to do; just turn it off or on at your pleasure.

Gotta love Teslas.

AWDTesla | 2019年8月15日

I just wish I could turn it off and it would stay off while at the track. Another reason to have track mode available a-la-carte.

douglas_peale | 2019年8月15日

Well, the switch is there, but it is a placebo. It shows that it is off, but it activated twice today in spite of being off.
The software is ignoring the state of the switch.

lbowroom | 2019年8月15日

Why has this never happened to me?

rsingh05 | 2019年8月15日

Lane assist and emergency lane assist are the only AP features I use. Occasionally summon.

Oh and believe it or not most people DO NOT leave their kids in the car. If you believe everyone does, it may be time to expand your social circle.

Wilber | 2019年8月15日

douglas_peale - sorry to hear it didnt stay off for you! What software version are you on. I am on 2019.12.1.2 and it stays off for me! i do plenty of 'evasive actions' on the road that should trigger it, but it doesnt beep or turn the wheel.

Wilber | 2019年8月15日

douglas_peale - I had a similar problem a few days ago with dog mode. I left the car in dog mode when i parked, but i moved the temp from 66 to 72 since didnt need to keep it chilly. When i restarted the car and drove away it displayed 66 on its own. but after a few minutes i could tell it was still cooling like it was 72. So, i turned AC off. then turned back on and then it was the proper temp. maybe you have to turn lane assist off and on once or twice, to get it to stay where you want it? Or maybe you need to reboot?

Maxxer | 2019年8月16日

I turned it off on country roads

I turn it on during long night drives

wayne | 2019年8月16日

What is “obstacle aware acceleration”?

landoncube | 2019年8月16日

Based on the number of times I see other drivers crossing yellow lines or driving onto the shoulder, I’m glad it’s defaulted to on.

Congratulations to those of you who live in towns with perfect drivers.

douglas_peale | 2019年8月16日

I discovered that there are two "lane assist" items. One is for "lane assist" and has three levels, the other is for "emergency lane assist". I had turned off the "emergency lane assist", and did not realize the other was there.

I have turned "emergency lane assist" back on (I don't think that one has triggered on me yet) and turned off "lane assist" as I am pretty sure that is the one that has been attempting to get me to run into things.

Mikael13 | 2019年8月16日

I love the lane assist (warning only and steering wheel vibrates). I keep the assist off since I am always paying attention to any debris on the middle of the road and need to (safely) swerve out of my land to avoid.

h2ev | 2019年8月17日

When it was first added (2-3 months ago IIRC?), I had my fair share of false positives with emergency lane assist. Couple of times it actually yanked the wheel and crossed the solid line by the shoulder on the same windy backroads near me. And then, perhaps 1-2 months ago, ELD false positives was all but gone. This was at least one version before 24.4 which gave the ability to permanently turn off ELD. Since false positives was done with (so I thought), I never turned off ELD.

Then, last night, on the same stretch of windy back roads, all of a sudden the alarm started blaring 3 times in succession. But that was all there was, just the alarm warning blaring, and the car took no corrective action or buzzed the steering wheel, unlike false positives from the past where it actually yanked the steering wheel. Nevertheless I immediately turned off ELD.

IIRC the alarm started blaring when I went from the shadows to the sun beaming. Perhaps the sudden change of contrast threw it off. Kind of similar to the auto wipers, never really working when driving in the dark (unless it's an absolute downpour), and then if I park the car facing a street lamp directly, the wipers will go mad and put itself on continuous fast wipe even when it's not raining.

calvin940 | 2019年8月17日


I have never experienced any of those issues. Perhaps people that experience these types of things have a faulty sensor or dirty sensor or something like that because of it was just the mere presence of shadows or sun shining, we would all be experiencing these types of issues as we all have sun and shadows.