Emergency charging

Emergency charging

A couple of ideas in case you ever run out of juice. Any full hookup RV campground have a bunch of 30 amp and 50 Amp sites. Have your cable with you and the 30a or 50amp adaptor for your car and you can charge right there anywhere between 22 to 28 mi/hr.

Also, I have a small RV that has a 6 KW generator on board. All RVs have at least this size generator. Get yours or someone else’s RV to your car and get decent level 2 charging. Getting a tow truck to a remote site would be a pain in the ass (how far is the SC???). Anyone done this yet?

teodor.suveica1 | 2019年8月19日

one dude traveled to Alaska with his model 3, he used RV site's mostly | 2019年8月19日

Another owner traveled from USA to Panama, long before there were any Superchargers along the way. This was back in 2014!

bezexohuku | 2019年8月20日

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milesbb | 2019年8月20日

@ hendersonsprings,
Two issues with your comments. Most RV's have 120 volt generators not 240 volt generators, they have only 15 amp outlets. You will be camped out for awhile to get some miles into your battery even with a 6 kW generator. RV parks with 14-50 will work just fine, the parks that have only 30 amp outlets are 120 volts. You will need a nema tt-30 adapter to use this outlet at 24 amps. nema tt-30 adapters are not available from Tesla, only third party for about $85.