Extended Warranty stats

Extended Warranty stats

My MX is exactly one year old and i have around 17K miles on it. I am still debating whether to buy or not. It could be bought before the 4 year standard warranty. All those out here, i wanted to find out even if its worth buying one before standard warranty expires. I read few stories online and get scared when any of those parts are replaced. So i wanted to with your experience what are the major expenses or could incur post standard warranty. Also the extended warranty is not cheap so is it worth it?

jimglas | 2019年8月21日

I bought the 2 year, but it was because I fear the dreaded "shudder" will sometime appear

Sandman89 | 2019年8月23日

I did not buy the extended warranty and I have over 57000 miles on my Model X.In my first year front driver door quit opening when I approach it and Tesla repaired it without charge as it was under standard warranty.If something happen now than I do not have warranty.

d.cherin | 2019年8月23日

@jimglas are you running at "Low" full time?

jimglas | 2019年8月23日

Unless there is a blizzard
In which case I don’t drive fast. With chill and low regen

jmthomas1228 | 2019年8月23日

Just get the extended warranty, it’s worth it. A lot of early Model S owners are dropping out of warranty and having to replace their MCU’s for example, that’s an easy $3000.

yuendds | 2019年8月24日

Bought the 4 year and needed it to pay for the shudder TSB.