Who has received their MX within last 2 weeks?

Who has received their MX within last 2 weeks?

Noblelr3 | 2019年8月21日

I was told 2 weeks ago I would have my tesla MX LR BLK on BLK within 2 weeks possibly 1. Well that seems like BS. Anyone have theirs?

CatTrax | 2019年8月21日

Ordered an MX in white - 5 passenger - cream interior with FSD and 20" wheels on 7/23 . . . just after the price reduction and picked it up in Chicago on 8/13. Those folks getting their cars right away likely ordered something that was in the lot in Fremont. Others like you and myself are having or had their car custom built. MX and MS orders coinciding with the recent price reduction and return of life time Super Charging are likely seeing lead times getting extended due to a recent glut of orders. The wait is surely frustrating, but your car will arrive soon enough and when it does . . . enjoy piloting your new starship!!

Noblelr3 | 2019年8月21日

Copy that Cat. I followed you on the other post as well, and yes your right about the quick pick-ups being on lots already. I think they are staying to give 2-3 week delivery times now instead of the two weeks I got two weeks ago.

Tesla Shrine | 2019年8月22日

I went in the mall to shop last Sunday, 8/18 and ordered it. It was ready for pick up on Monday, 8/19. Model X in Black with Black interior. I'm in Los Angeles, CA. I was lucky.

Noblelr3 | 2019年8月22日

Shrine that's because it was built and on a lot some place. Congrats. I hope your enjoying it. Seems like those of us that are waiting on ours to be produced have more hope today by some getting their emails.

Tesla Shrine | 2019年8月23日

I love it! I use to be a Mercedes guy all the way! For the amount I paid for a Mercedes, along with maintenance and gas for the year versus a Tesla Model X with FREE Supercharger stations, no gas, and almost no maintenance,I am now officially a Tesla spokesperson =).

I totally understand now, how Tesla became the game changer in the car industry.

Noblelr3 | 2019年8月23日

Congrats. I just found out my timeline got extended for a West Coast delivery from 2 weeks (which is tomorrow) to 4-6 weeks.

jchildress3 | 2019年8月23日

2 weeks 2 days from order to delivery here on the east coast.

It happened so fast I wasn’t ready (no home charging installed).

Noblelr3 | 2019年8月23日

Wow Jchild congratulations. I've heard of a few people in these groups being told about their car being delayed from the sales reps, then something different happens. I'm going to stay optimistic.

baronson | 2019年8月23日

When I ordered mine (red, long range, white interior) at the Houston tesla store, the site said two week delivery. The car was delivered to my home in Louisiana exactly four weeks later, August 16. The extra two weeks were frustrating but, you know what, it was worth it. Even got the unlimited supercharging even though that perk wasn't announced until the week following when I placed my order.

Noblelr3 | 2019年8月23日

Good for you Baronson. Yes I'm being very patient.

dv1070 | 2019年8月23日

Just ordered my today and the price changed from last night. I only waited because I wanted to help the sales rep. It went up $500

Noblelr3 | 2019年8月23日

DV weekday did you order, where are you, and what delivery time frame did they tell you the car would be delivered

chandanbhagat | 2019年8月23日

San Jose, CA
07/20 Ordered my MX (Red, Long range, 6 seater)
08/03 Received VIN
08/06 MX delivered

saodzynz13 | 2019年8月26日

Ordered my 7 seater, long range, midnight gray on 8/6/2019 and got the notification for delivery exactly 2 weeks later, on 8/20/2019. They gave the options to set up an appointment to take delivery that day or the next 2... we live 2.5hrs from the closest SC, so we had to call in to get an appointment scheduled on Saturday (the 24th). It has been less than 48hrs and I am in love!! Lots to learn though!

Noblelr3 | 2019年8月26日

There have been no California VIN numbers given for anyone that's ordered August 10th or later.

Uncle Paul | 2019年8月28日

Placed my order last week and took delivery this afternoon. They found a match for my order and was able to deliver the car in just a few days. Had to hustle to get my money moved around to accept delivery.

Selling my previous 2017 to Current Automotive. Gave me a good price and are super easy to deal with. Doing paperwork for them tomorrow.

Noblelr3 | 2019年8月28日

What state Uncle Paul? I'm waiting to hear from California folks getting their vehicles of the production line. That's the hold up.

AZKeller | 2019年8月29日

I did a little phone and email pushing yesterday and was eventually told that the Model X line was switched over to Europe and Asia right hand drive late in July. Line will be switched back to left hand drive this weekend. I was told to expect a VIN assignment sometime next week. This just might be a canned answered when pushed... but it did sound good. And of course, I'm not holding my breath either. FYI, I ordered my MX 7 seat white/tan on Aug 11th and was told it would be delivered under 2wks here in Phoenix.

Noblelr3 | 2019年8月29日

Ken I think that is a consistent answer. A lot of people believe it's delayed because of the white color. That did add a lot of orders, along with free super charging. But the delay is due to the shipments going overseas. I think when it shifts back to US, colors other than white will go out first then sin after the whites will catch up. Those are from speaking to multiple different SA and a delivery manager.
Ordered 8/10 MX LR BLK on BLK California. No VIN

AlphaInfinity | 2019年8月29日

All, I ordered on July31st with the expectation that I would have a vehicle two weeks later and I still don't have a VIN. To make matters even worse, we are now down to one vehicle because our trade-in cannot accumulate more than 1000 miles from the time of trade appraisal with Tesla. This has NOT been a pleasant experience for my family. IF Tesla would have been honest about delivery timelines and set a proper expectation, then we could have planned a little better.

profunctional | 2019年8月29日

I ordered Aug 16. Performance, Black, White + Carbon int. Just got a text that it’s in transit and scheduled my pickup for next Thursday. I’m on the east coast. The websites stated 3 week delivery time. I’m grateful it was actually a little earlier than expected.

chrisdaun | 2019年8月29日

Bay Area here. We ordered a white on white MX LR and took delivery on July 2nd. The car had so many defects we decided to return. The return experience was a nightmare. Because we purchased the FSD the same day as delivery on a credit card Tesla refused to return the FSD with the car. Eventually they did and we placed an order for another MX with the same specs on 8/6 and were told 2 weeks. Still no VIN and we’re stuck with 1 car.

What the heck Tesla!
Worst car buying experience ever...

waiwaitl | 2019年8月30日

MX 7 seat white on Aug 12th. No vin#

friendchristoffer | 2019年9月1日

Ordered white MX on 8/16. Still waiting on Vin. Was told at time of purchase 3-4 weeks for delivery. I’m in Louisiana.

waiwaitl | 2019年9月1日

MX 7 seat white on Aug 12th. No vin# No call maryland

sandipan | 2019年9月1日

Ordered on August 25,southern CA. Was told 2 to 3 weeks... We'll see....

Mfox7044 | 2019年9月1日

Aug 1st. WA. White 7 seater. Still no VIN...

Mfox7044 | 2019年9月1日

Good news is i can just cancel that order and order a new one from scratch and get it within 2 weeks according to Tesla :P

rsusi | 2019年9月4日

Ordered 5 seater, long range, blue on 23 Aug. Two weeks later had the opportunity to purchase the exact same car I had ordered that was a demo model with only 1800 miles at a reduced price. Car in great shape and love it.

gdoratt | 2019年9月4日

Ordered a white, long range, 6 seater on 8/28 from the Mission Viejo, CA store. No real estimates being provided so we'll see how long it takes.

mokaplan | 2019年9月8日

Ordered 8/17 mx long range white on vin on account page but found vin in source code.

mgeneral | 2019年9月8日

Ordered my MX on 8/11. Still have no VIN. But
I got a text message this morning, 9/8, and my car will be available for pickup on 9/11.

FLTodd | 2019年9月10日

MX Long Range | 6 Seat | White Exterior Black Interior
Ordered on 8/19 and took delivery on 9/7. Orlando, FL.

Davila1024 | 2019年9月10日

Ordered Aug 23, 2019 / MX Long Range / S White Seats / Midnight Silver / STock Wheels / FAP, from Brea Mall Calif Sales. As of this mornign no VIN assigned. Been promised by end of this month we"ll see.

lori | 2019年9月15日

Ordered on 8/30 with estimated delivery time of 2 weeks. Got a text message yesterday “Tesla Update We expect to deliver your Model X in the next two weeks and will update you when your delivery appointment is ready to be scheduled.” Still no VIN, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited to get that message!

sandipan | 2019年9月15日

Received text - Tesla Update � We expect to deliver your Model X in the next two weeks and will update you when your delivery appointment is ready to be scheduled.

Does it take 2 weeks from receipt of the Tesla Update text? Folks who have received their cars - how long did it actually take from when the text was sent?

mchoi02 | 2019年9月15日

I ordered a new MX that was in inventory at another in-state location. It was delivered to my house within a week.

Originally, I purchased a pre-owned MX but the vehicle was in poor shape. For a little more, we decided to buy new instead.

911X | 2019年9月15日

Picked mine up today at Delivery center in Cincinnati. Easy transaction and car pretty much flawless. I was impressed.

yawberko2001 | 2019年9月15日

I ordered mine Aug 26 Red Model X long range with cream interior and picked it up on Sept 11. The best decision. I ever made

sunsinstudios | 2019年9月16日

Ordered pearl white MX 6-seater with white interior on 9/15.

Now I wait.

Rosca | 2019年9月16日

I ordered 8/3/19 white. Received email and Vin# 9/10. First available delivery date was 9/12. 41 days.... it was long