Mobile Service

Mobile Service

Just said goodbye to my mobile service tech. who tried unsuccessfully to repair a rear door which will not open. This was his second unsuccessful visit. First time they came ready to replace the door handle. An hour later... Nope. Not the problem
This time they came ready to replace the door latch. Another hour and another nope.

Turns out the wires in the door harness were broken so now they have to order that part and come back a third time.

As a customer, this is mildly annoying.

As a shareholder, I am frustrated by the money wasted by this lack of planning.

When they get a complaint like "door will not open" which could be any of three possible different problems, you would think that some manager would figure out that it's more efficient to have the tech. bring all of the possible replacement parts to the job rather than speculate on the cause.

How can such a brilliant company be this incompetent in their repair process?

jimglas | 2019年8月27日

you completely ignore the fact that they are coming to you to repair your problem.
Quite possible that they would have had to order the part even if your car were in the shop
then you would be without a car

brad | 2019年8月27日

I had a mobile appt this morning to redo a center console door that was installed incorrectly. Disappointing since the first visit was at least on time even though the work was poor.