If you bought before 2015, check your online account

If you bought before 2015, check your online account

Hello: I bought my Model S in 2014. Today I checked my "Tesla Account Summary" and notice that my Extended Warranty and my Service Plan Purchases were not listed anymore.

I used the online chat and asked Tesla Support to update my account summary so that these purchases were visible again.

Ohmster | 2019年9月3日

Wouldn’t the option to buy the Extended Warranty not drop off after the 4yr/50k expires? Or am I missing your point?

Frankmcp | 2019年9月3日

Hello: I DID buy the extended warranties in 2014 which covers an 8 year period ending in 2022. However, if this purchase is not listed in my account record (and it was for the last 4+ years) it may be harder to prove that I have coverage.

johncrab | 2019年9月3日

Tesla killed the annual service plan without telling anyone they were doing it. It's dead and if you prepaid for annual services (as I did), you won't be getting them but they will quietly keep your money unless you demand it back. You will need to wait forever to do online chat and ask them to email you the form(s) you need to get refunds. There are two different forms for the annual service and for the ESA (extended warranty). The extended warranty is specifically contingent upon annual service/inspections being performed, so since they no longer do those, the extended warranty is dead on its face unless Tesla specifically re-writes it to eliminate that condition. I chose to get my money back on both and figure that will pay for a lot of repairs.

Good luck. It will take about 2 months to get your money back.

Bighorn | 2019年9月3日

Never once did they enforce the annual service prerequisite for ESA coverage. More Henny Penny

dsteal | 2019年9月3日

I also don't see the Extended Warranty listed in my account. I assume this is a mistake. Why would I ask for my money back on the Extended Warranty just because they eliminated annual services? I don't get the connection.

Frankmcp | 2019年9月3日

I looked at the original Extended Warranty agreement PDF -- I didn't see anything giving Tesla the option to kill the Extended Warranty after it was purchased. I am -not- a lawyer, but I am -guessing- that canceling extended warranties after they are purchased would violate some kind of law in California.

Again, when I bought this warranty Tesla had sold less than 40,000 Model S vehicles...

Frankmcp | 2019年9月3日

Here's a section from the agreement (version VESA012013)

K. Cancellation
This Vehicle ESA may not be cancelled by You or Tesla and no return of the purchase price or any other fees or taxes will be provided by Tesla to You. This Vehicle ESA is not being sold in any jurisdiction in which the sale or performance of this Vehicle ESA is not permitted pursuant to applicable law at the time of purchase. Any such sale is void ab initio and of no force and effect and will not be deemed a cancellation. You will receive a full refund provided no services have been provided by Tesla.

Bighorn | 2019年9月3日

They did not cancel any ESAs. That's hysteria talking. They discontinued recommending annual visits, so the folks who pre-paid theirs can opt to get a refund or probably have it applied to their service visits.

NKYTA | 2019年9月3日

@Frank, how many miles?

I went to all my annuals, and burned through my ESA pretty rapidly after that.

And there is still some Goodwill.

Try cupcakes?

Frankmcp | 2019年9月4日

Hello: To clarify, I wasn't complaining about the value/existence of the extended warranty or the pre-paid service visits --- My concern was that I paid for them in 2014 and that they were no longer listed in my account summary after being there for 4+ years... I want them specified in my Tesla account summary so I can verify coverage on the spot.

Renzo | 2019年9月4日

@Frankmcp were you able to talk to anyone from Tesla? did they state they would fix your account? please update on the progress of this.


Ruby110 | 2019年9月4日

I noticed my ESA was missing and contacted my local service person about the expiration date. He responded almost immediately with the date. So, it’s still valid just not showing.

valrud | 2019年9月4日

I bought my P85D in December of 2014 along with a 4-year Service Plan. During this period, I've used only two annual services. Should Tesla refund me the cost of two unused annual services? Or all I have is a moral right for the refund?

Bighorn | 2019年9月4日

Not sure if it was use it or lose it--that's certainly a defensible policy though.

Frankmcp | 2019年9月4日

When I call my local Tesla Service Center it goes straight to voicemail (which is always full these days so you can't leave a message).

Yesterday I used the "Tesla Chat" function on the support page. The messages from the Tesla Chat agent indicated that the "missing services purchases" would be restored in a week or so. However, *today* I called 877-798-3752 and the Tesla agent told me that this WAS NOT going to be fixed on my Account Summary. Something about Tesla "streamlining" the website...

Again, these purchases were listed on my Tesla Account summary for the last 4+ years. Yes, I know it's still in the Tesla internal system, but now the only proof of purchase I have now is a printed email from 2014.

finished | 2019年9月5日

I cancelled my prepaid 4-year maintenance plan, and received a prorated check back in two weeks.

jasdsingh2 | 2020年2月7日

I don’t see my ESA either and was actually denied service (under warranty) last week. Has anyone been able to resolve this? I am not looking at getting a refund on the ESA. I want to be able to use it until 2021(when it was scheduled to expire). Thanks.