Will Tesla balance aftermarket rims and tires at service center?

Will Tesla balance aftermarket rims and tires at service center?

Will Tesla balance aftermarket rims and tires at service center? How much do they charge for balancing? I have been having a steering wheel wobble at highway speeds.

lilbean | 2019年9月9日


stevehendler | 2019年9月9日

They called me out just for having aftermarket tires when I went in for a body repair so I doubt it.

gmr6415 | 2019年9月9日

I've read of some aftermarket wheels inner hub hole not being a tight enough fit on the wheel hub causing an offset installation and wobble.

slingshot18 | 2019年9月9日

My SC said they will, but not that they are way to expensive. Told me to go to a tire shop for anything related to tires/wheels. At least they were honest.

jimglas | 2019年9月9日

for a price

model3AZ42 | 2019年9月9日

Costco did a great job for me. I think it was $27 for all 4.

2015P90DI | 2019年9月9日

Most tire shops will do it for next to nothing. If you bought them from a local tire shop, most will rotate your tires at no cost. Otherwise, mostly likely less than $40. And no, Tesla won't touch parts they didn't build.

kleinschmidt.jason | 2019年9月9日

I found out some interesting info from my Tesla SA. If you want to purchase the 19" stock wheels and tires, you'll pay $3500 on However, if you purchase directly from the service center, the prices is about $2700. Oh, and I had new stock 18" tires put on from Tesla at 32k miles...I paid way too much to have them just do the tire swap.

arsenyastakhov | 2020年4月5日

Hey! What wheels do you have?

1scallawag | 2020年4月5日

I use Glen Allen VA SC. I bent two rims on my P+ so replaced all four with after market 18 inch rims and tires. SC was glad to align car and balance tires at what I considered a reasonable price. Rims and tires from Tire Rack came mounted and balanced so I bought a new torque wrench and self installed. Yes I asked SC to check balance so they charged for balancing.

fazman | 2020年4月5日

Seems like it is luck of the draw depending on how well you know your SA. I am someone who likes to go back to the same SA and treat them with a small gift for taking care of me. It works wonders at other brands, I haven’t had much in the way of great SC experience with tesla tho (Yet to tip any SA for the sub par help on my concerns).

fazman | 2020年4月5日

As for aftermarket and the SC, I was over hearing one SA training a new SA at the Kato Road SC in Fremont, basically saying “If they come in with any vinyl/chrome delete or window tint... we will deny any window regulator warranty claims... if they mod they pay for any issues.”

Its a fair statement by the SA, but that way of thinking also burns future repeat new car buyers. Window tint is something I would expect a car manufacturer to test for and be able to handle. As far as I have been alive I have known people tinting cars in the 80’s and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

Magic 8 Ball | 2020年4月6日

More whining and trolling by @fazman.

*sub par
*burns future repeat car buyers

Only me seeing that this guy is messaging negativity about Tesla in most of his posts?

1scallawag | 2020年4月6日

@fazman Seems to be a whiner...I'm not sure about troll

gparrot | 2020年4月6日

Farman has every right to mention some of his concerns on this forum - and I so happen to share a few of them.
The real whiners follow his posts.

Magic 8 Ball | 2020年4月6日

@fazman is a troll. He is now in another thread trying to incite anger in someone for paying 4K instead of 3K for FSD. He is advising that someone to ask for a refund.

lbowroom | 2020年4月6日

yes, he's peppering the forum with footholds for complaints and drama

lbowroom | 2020年4月6日

guessing he'll melt down eventually as seems to be the fashion these days

lbowroom | 2020年4月6日

he's also implying that changing wiper inserts can void your warranty..... yeah, on the blades you swapped them on