Second row regulation

Second row regulation

Hi. I’ve got MX LR 2019 7 seater. I don’t see on the display any option to regulate a second row seats position. Is it the way it should be? Only manual adjustment?

raffidesigns | 2019年9月17日

I believe that option was only for the six seater? I could be wrong. Anyone with a six seater?

It should be in controls -> doors.

AlexSV | 2019年9月17日

I don’t have doors in controls.

Diveboss164 | 2019年9月17日

I have the 2019 MX seven seat configuration and the middle row in 100 manual in operation. It’s a 60/40 split seat. They can be moved forward and back. The backs fold down to make for a larger cargo area when the third row seat back is also folded down.

burdogg | 2019年9月18日

Only available in 6 seater

sunsinstudios | 2019年9月20日

looking at the configuration during ordering (the image that Telsa shows when you custom build) shows auto controls on the 6 seat config, and what looks like a manual lever on 7 and 5 seater.

So i think @burdogg is right,

911X | 2019年9月21日

Only 6 seater. Earlier 7 seaters had power controls for middle row (and all three seats moved individually; the also did not fold flat)

Redmiata98 | 2019年9月23日

Confirming 911x comment, it is that way with my 2016 seven seater.