Model S Lug nuts

Model S Lug nuts

I need to replace a couple of the Lug nuts on my 2015 Model S. Chrome color. Any suggestions?

tes-s | 2019年10月6日

Take one from each of the other wheels?

Mike G | 2019年10月7日

Last year I bought the whole set of Gorilla Lug Nuts to replace the stock version. Happy with the result. Much sturdier than the stock ones which have hollow heads.

jordanrichard | 2019年10月7日

What happened to the lug nuts to warrant replacement?

romzekma | 2019年10月7日

jordanrichard don't know. I had been going to a local tire place for routing rotations. They went out of business. Went to Costco and they noticed that their tool would not fit on 2 of them...somewhat damaged...who know how. I told them to do what they could and after a lot of elbow grease, they were able to get them off. Obviously need to replace them.

Mike G thanks.

GHammer | 2019年10月7日

The lug nuts in 2015 had a welded on soft metal cover that would dent if you didn't get the socket on all the way or if a worn socket was used with impact wrench. The new ones Tesla supplies are hollow with a plastic cover you can get them from the Service centers. Or as someone mentioned above, get Gorilla 61147CX solid nuts. They look a little different in that they are not flat on top.

richard.schneid... | 2019年10月8日

No mystery here, 14mm dia. 1.5mm pitch. ....But then Tesla owner do SO enjoy mystery. LOL

richard.schneid... | 2019年10月8日

No mystery here, 14mm dia.x 1.5mm pitch, w/ 60° bevel on bearing face. ....But then Tesla owners do SO enjoy mystery. LOL

rm760 | 2019年10月8日

Does anyone know of a manufacturer utilizing titanium for the lug nuts for the model S ?

rm760 | 2019年10月8日

I meant to also add to the thread above;
Is anyone using the titanium lugs? Are they happy with them?

rm760 | 2019年10月8日
iTesla | 2019年10月8日

I had mobile service do a winter wheel swap, but he couldn't get the lug nuts off. He said my nuts were swollen most likely from another shop using an impact wrench. I took the car to the service center and they replaced all of the nuts and did the wheel swap under goodwill.

barrykmd | 2019年10月8日

I won't say it.

gridley1950 | 2019年10月9日

Haha! C'mon. Say it! :)

rm760 | 2019年10月9日

Anyone know the torque specs for the 21" twin turbine wheels?

GHammer | 2019年10月9日

129 ft lbs

rm760 | 2019年10月9日

thanks for the reply. I just ordered the titanium lugs in the link below. I think the sonic grey twin turbine wheels will look better without the plastic caps and these lug nuts.

GHammer | 2019年10月9日

Wow, that's some spendy nuts!