Spotify Newbie Questions

Spotify Newbie Questions

Signed up for premium account.
With the app on my phone I see all these playlists curated for me. But in the car I can't find the playlists Spotify created for me on my phone/app.
As far as I can tell, my only option for choosing music is to select artists that I 'liked'/followed on the app.
Any Spotify experts have any tips or tricks they want to share?
So much better than Slacker already.

Mike UpNorth_ | 2019年10月9日

And is there no 'dislike' button with Spotify to get a song out of rotation?

wayne | 2019年10月9日

I create Spotify playlists on my phone and have no trouble seeing them in the car.

Mike UpNorth_ | 2019年10月9日

Thanks Wayne. Was speaking more to the curated playlists from Spotify.

christian | 2019年10月9日

The playlists that Spotify "curates" for you won't show in your Tesla as they're not *your* playlists. The playlists that show in your car are the ones from your own library which you created or follow. Maybe try following one of those curated playlists. It might show up in your car then.

Spotify no longer focuses on "radio" stations that you curate with thumbs up and thumbs down like Pandora does. They're more about playlists (created by you or them) and being able to play any song from any artist (or a whole album or repertoire). They never did radio stations as well as Pandora, in my opinion.

Mike UpNorth_ | 2019年10月9日

Thanks Christian.

hokiegir1 | 2019年10月9日

Spotify does have stations in the car similar to Slacker. We're partial to the "decades" category.

canard33 | 2019年10月15日

My problem is that my complete library, which appears on my iPhone, iMac, and iPad Spotify apps, doesn't appear in the car. Some earlier items do, but not the recent ones, added yesterday. I have rebooted the app in the Tesla Model S several times but the problem remains. Help?

nobrien4804 | 2019年11月2日

hokiegir1: Where are the stations in Tesla Spotify? I see the heading but there is nothing under it?

MiggyT | 2019年11月2日

I signed up for a Spotify Premium account today. Created a playlist on my iPhone. Signed into my account in my (Model 3 SR+) tried to play a song in the playlist, it appears to be playing, but no sound. The play button changed to spinning cursor, but the playhead is advancing under the album cover thumbnail. If I play one of Spotify’s channels it works, just not my playlist. Anyone experiencing this? Solutions?

Fishers86 | 2019年11月3日

@TM3Mig19 I have the same problem but mine doesn't work for spotify channels either. The scroll button screen reset fixes it but I have to do it literally every drive and it's obnoxious. Mobile service is coming out on the 15th to take a look at it.