Safety Where Needed

Safety Where Needed

Enable Teslas to emit a "Signature Tesla Alert" that is activated by geolocation similar to the suspension raise feature. This idea came to me after my wife ran over our daughter's beloved dog "Ross". If our Tesla had an alert sound the accident most likely would not have happened! Tesla Alert is geolocated/enabled: When Jackie put the car in drive the car would emit an alert, Ross would have got out of the way and Ross would have not suffered a broken jaw and we wouldn't have had a $2,000 vet bill!

Safety Mirror: Modify the rear view mirror to be a monitor using the camera's to give drivers a 180 degree unobstructed view! No pillars and the rear window could be eliminated offer new design flexibility for the rear of the car.

jimglas | 2019年10月9日

As for the "safety mirror", just keep the rear camera view up on your screen

EVRider | 2019年10月10日

The pedestrian warning alert sound that will be added to all EVs should do the trick.

Earl and Nagin ... | 2019年10月10日

Better hope that "Ross" is not deaf . . .
As @jimglas points out, Tesla already offers an unobstructed view to the rear.
The pedestrian warning alert will just make the world noisier so that backup alarms will not be noticed.

reed_lewis | 2019年10月10日

The Tesla has a rear view camera that works quite well. I actually have driven the Chevrolet Bolt with the rear view display built into the mirror and find it to be useless. The issue is that the plane of focus for the mirror right now is what you are looking at. With a display you need to refocus on that display which is quite close to you compared to the rest of the road. I found myself taking longer to focus.

The new Tesla Model 3 now have a pedestrian sound emitter. Perhaps it can be retrofitted to older cars.

But the bottom line is that the driver is responsible for what is around the car. If you do not pay attention, that is on you.

ramanbhalla845 | 2019年10月11日

According to safety mirror keep the rear camera above your screen.

OntlyArnold75457547 | 2019年10月14日

Hold the rear camera above the screen.

hvopov335903 | 2019年10月14日

I think safety belt is also a needed and important part. Have you came across the V-type three-point safety belt invented by automaker Volve? In the safety system of a car, safety belt also matters a lot!