Regen braking

Regen braking

Today it was 13C or 55F and I noticed that the 3 barely used the regen. I thought that my limit was the dashes but it doesn’t seem to be that as it never reached the dashes and still barely brake.
I was driving at 50 km/h or 31 mph, would I have reached the dash limit if I had driven faster and then released the accelerator pedal?
I noticed also that from 30 km/h or 19 mph and below, the car seemed to decelerate normally again.
I think everything is normal as been told by a Tesla mechanic that reached to me after requesting a service for that, but I am still curious about others thoughts.

pebkac | 2019年10月15日

What % were you charged to?

Bighorn | 2019年10月15日

What was the overnight temperature where the car was parked? That’s what matters. Regen shows limitation under 60F, give or take.

FISHEV | 2019年10月15日

Cold can affect batteries ability to accept a charge. But you should get an error message on the screen “Regeneration Limited” when that happens. I’ve had several of those lately as our temp is the same as yours right now.

If the regen is going off without the car telling you, that’s a problem.

@pebkac asked about percent because if 100% charged it can’t do regen either but again, you should see an warning message on the screen.

bloheac | 2019年10月17日

Sorry, I am new to this forum and didn’t get any notifications about your comments.

I charge at 90%. It is funny as I am used to regenerative braking so sometimes I have to jump on the brakes because I thought the car would have decelerated itself, I guess it is just a matter of a transition.
Usually I have the message telling me it is limited, but only for the first seconds that I begin to drive, after that it’s gone.
Yesterday, after I put the car on a slow level 1 charge, it was at 85% and I drove it for about 40 minutes, roughly 40 km, and when I decelerated from 100 km/h (65 mph) I had to jump on the brakes because it got closer to the car in front of me than expected, it barely decelerated, and the temp was about 12-13 degrees C outside (55F), that is why I am asking those questions, maybe I just need to get used to it.