Extended Warranty

Extended Warranty

Hi - I cant seem to figure out how to search - so forgive me if this has been gone over...I have a 2015 Model S 85D with only 31k miles on it. The warranty expired a week or so ago, and I am debating buying the extended warranty for $2600. The big ticket item would be the screen crashing, but Im fearful it may not crash until just after this 2 year warranty expires, given the fact I only drive about 8k miles a year. Does anyone have an opinion on whether or not I should go for it? Any other major issues I should be concerned with? All my door latches and pressure sensors have been replaced already. Ive also gotten a new 12V. Thanks in advance.

jordanrichard | 2019年10月21日

Keep in mind that if you bought the warranty for $2,600, that is you paying for the center screen replacement already.

As it is with ANY paid warranty, what you pay is you paying that given amount in repairs, in advance. Until the repair costs exceed the initial cost of the warranty, nothing is really being covered by the company.

judge | 2019年11月7日

Are screes crashing? | 2019年11月7日

@jude - I think he's referring to the small number of MCUs that may die. They have a finite lifetime due to internal flash memory, but really hard to evaluate when that may happen. Some owners have 200K miles without a problem and a few others have had a failure with less miles.

@stellings - Hard to advise you on this one. There are quite a few "big-ticket items" such as the MCU, AP1, charger. heater, etc, but it's also not clear that these fail in any significant quantity. We hear of scattered reports of issues, but similar to any premium car. I tend to avoid extended warranties on anything I buy, as occasionally something does fail and I have to pay for it, but I'm far ahead than paying for extended warranties. A lot just depends on your confidence and/or threshold for surprises.

p.c.mcavoy | 2019年11月7日

I’m in this boat as well, decided whether additional peace of mine, more around having roadside assistance coverage. My only comment is I thought last I could find the info the cost was way more than $2600 now. More like $4600 or $4800?

PatientFool | 2019年11月7日

personally i don't plan to buy the extended warranty on my 2017 when it's up for consideration. I think such insurance is more often a loser else companies wouldn't offer it. that said, there's an element to the decision on to what degree you can afford an expensive repair. if a worst case scenario occurred would it wreck you financially? then perhaps you should get the warranty.

Bighorn | 2019年11月7日

It's "only $2600" because it's 2 years of coverage instead of 4 now. 4 years was originally $2500 and then $4000.

p.c.mcavoy | 2019年11月8日

@BH - hadn't picked up on the 2 year reference. My frame of reference was locked in on 4 year. 2 year option as virtually no value for my personal use case given being out of the country majority of the time for the next couple years and my car will get very little use. Real motivation for me is continuation of full road-side assistance, but I also have some aspect of that via my auto insurance carrier, so think my intention now is to not purchase, bank the $4750, and accept I'm likely going to have a few high dollar repairs like new MCU out of pocket at some time.

CatTrax | 2019年11月8日

This is a valuable conversation and it's helped me to crystalize my thoughts on topic. When I purchased my Tesla in late July I strongly considered buying the extended warranty. After considerable thought however, I elected to opt not to. Why?

1) As noted above . . . extended warranties aren't being sold if the seller expects to lose money. Think retailers every time they sell you an appliance or electrical thing.
2) As Tesla has matured as a car maker . . . they've improved upon their product exponentially since the early release days. Our new Raven doesn't have the fit and finish issues . . . many of the technological or mechanical problems (knock on wood) that I've seen described by new owners in prior years.
3) Heck, as @p.c. and others suggest . . . many of us already self insure as witnessed by the higher deductibles on our existing auto or home insurance.

someone who is less tolerant of risk may find the cost of an extended warranty worth the piece of mind that it produces for them . . . in which case, it's a good thing to buy. That said, I am at piece with my decision to have opted out as others are now doing these days. Good luck @stellings!!

Bighorn | 2019年11月8日

Roadside assistance does not persist past 4yr/50k miles regardless of extending the warranty. My State Farm rider is about $10 a year. First flat bed made that worthwhile. I managed to get 4 yrs/50k for $2500, but would not have gone for $4000. At this rate, I’d go through it in less than a year.

OurTesla | 2019年11月8日

Being a new '14 S owner (first time Tesla buyer...) I too succumbed to the "what if..." evaluation / extended warranty umbrella evaluation. The good comments are something I've internalized over the years having BMWs. Long story short the boogie man doesn't visit often enough to justify the extra $$ outlay.

I have more $$ in my old '75 2002 over 19 years of ownership then any modern day bimmer I've owned. So I'm staunchly on the side of passing on the extended warranty, agreeing with those who say "have a rainy day fund..." cuz surprises with anything that moves or takes on weather will surely visit somewhere along the journey. Enjoy :)

CatTrax | 2019年11月8日

@ourtesla - I too owned a 1975 BMW 2002 . . . down in Mississippi they didn't know what a BMW was. Identified it as a BM on the title.- maroon with the tan interior - speedometer, fuel gauge, oil pressure, amperage (I think), tach, odometer, heater/AC and radio, four speed/4cylincer . . . no computers . . . no hassles . . . life was so much simpler then.. Have owned four more in the years that followed . . . great cars, but after purchasing the Tesla . . . doubt that I'll ever go back. :>)

Burtonrl | 2019年11月13日

Got the extended warranty on my 2017. Decided to trade for a 2019 the following month. I was refunded less $500.00. I never used the warranty and was told it was based on the mileage of my tradei-in!?

I feel ripped off but you pay for some lessons. I would not purchase the extended warranty unless absolutely sure I would use it.