No wash policy

No wash policy

Tesla Management constantly looking for ways to improve efficiency has decided to not allow service centers to wash vehicles (unless new delivery or used car sale). This policy was in use at only a few centers, but seems to be rolling out nationwide now. It seems that most customers are not complaining so they believe this is helping reduce techs time and overhead. However Tesla Management isn't looking at how its hurting brand image as all competitors repair options vacuum and clean cars for customer service reasons. What are your thoughts? | 2019年10月24日

I do not see how this is hurting brand image. In five years o ownership I have never had the SvC clean my cars. I can do a better job at home with the two bucket wash method and a good vacuum.

TranzNDance | 2019年10月24日

Good. I've had a service advisor run to the wash bay to stop them from washing my car despite notes not to wash my car. I appreciate interior vacuum cleaning since it's less likely they could do damage there.

andy.connor.e | 2019年10月24日

I've never had my car cleaned for me during any service ever. If i want my car cleaned out typically i grab my vacuum and spend 10 minutes cleaning off the seats and such. Wouldnt agree that it hurts brand image. The idea is to get you in and out of the service center as fast as possible.

CASP3R | 2019年10月24日

I agree with TranzNDance. I appreciate interior vacuum cleaning (floor/floor mats) but no need to wash. I would rather take care of that myself. In my experience (with other cars I've owned) it's never quite as nice as you would like and I prefer to use my own products.

reed_lewis | 2019年10月24日

I can see both sides to this. While it is nice to clean out the car, it costs money, and is it really 'worth it' ? I run my car through Scrub-A-Dub whenever is it dirty, and it does a nice job removing the dirt.

Tesla2018 | 2019年10月24日

And I thought this thread was going to be about what was happenning in the Tesla bathrooms!

Uncle Paul | 2019年10月24日

Feedback from many owners was that they did not want Tesla to wash their pampered cars. Complained of swirls and fine scratches.

I know that in Orange County they were asked by the city to not wash all those cars for environmental reasons. No need to wash a serviced vehicle that was already pretty clean.

coselectric | 2019年10月24日

I don't want Tesla or anyone washing my car. Car dealerships wash customer vehicles as a way to make customers feel better for sub par service. Tesla doesn't need this added window dressing on their service department.

reed_lewis | 2019年10月25日

I recently heard about a Tesla service center that was getting fined by the city for washing cars, but did not get the notice about that because the fines were going to corporate and getting paid.

lilbean | 2019年10月25日

Great news!