Planned Departure from the app?

Planned Departure from the app?

Am I missing how to set up planned departures from the app? It cooled off here this week and I want to warm up my battery before I leave for lunch (I charge at work) so that I have full regen braking. I don’t always know what time I’ll leave for lunch so I can’t set it in my car when I park in the am before going into the office.

EVRider | 2019年11月14日

You're not missing anything, you can only do this from the car's touchscreen.

packpike | 2019年11月15日

Thanks EVRider. Hopefully Tesla upgrades this over time.

packpike | 2019年11月19日

Also, there needs to be a way to set a single instance of the planned departure for trips. Otherwise you have to set it before your trip, and then remember to turn it back off later so that it doesn't run again the next day.