In defense of "ugly"

In defense of "ugly"

I am absolutely sick of the auto industry's celebration of the mundane. I very much applaud Tesla having the guts to design something radical and iconic.
All too often, car makers take the same old meh, slap some piquant "design language" fascia on it, and call it their new model. Hundreds of these. Odds are, you've bought one before.

Even the Tesla's halo effect car, the new Roadster, is nice enough. But the design is pretty safe. Sure the specs are phenomenal. But the actual look could be a reincarnation of a Toyota MR2 or a new Lotus or many other sports cars.

Safe is ok. But there is way too much safe.

It's like someone got rid of all the ripped biker jeans and leather pants, and replaced them with Dockers khakis. All of them. Sure, we need khakis occasionally. But nobody's butt looks good in them, and they suck for dancing.

We need bolder, stirring, controversial car designs to break us out of this. We need a new Countach, or Testarossa, or Beetle, or E-Class Jag. We need the AMC Pacer or the Corvette Stingray.

We need the Cybertruck, whether it is for you or not.

Check this article from Fast Company that states exactly what I mean: