Prediction: no Cybertruck will ever be ICEd (for long) at a supercharger

Prediction: no Cybertruck will ever be ICEd (for long) at a supercharger

...perhaps they will ship with some kind of towing kit, so they can just latch on to the offending ICE vehicle and drag it out of the way!

Also, I've learned from reading Twitter today:
1) Many truck owners buy trucks purely on looks (somehow I always suspected this). The hate is real.
2) Real workers who want to get stuff done buy trucks based on their utility. The love is sublime.

I always loved the Honda Element, because of its purity of design. You could open the suicide doors and just hose the thing out. It wasn't designed to look pretty; it was meant to be extraordinarily practical.

BadgerErickson | 2019年11月27日

Yup, there will probably be tow hooks on the frame, at front and rear of truck.

Yup, the SUV went into Gucci-land for insane profits. Elon is changing it all, again....!

nwfan | 2019年11月27日

I was thinking. Tesla should provide a towing rope in each of the CT sold
in Northern climates. Helpful to your neighbors, pulling them out of snow bank
or ditch.

I'll leave the moving of ICE vehicles from charging pedestal to others.

The CT DM AWD is a game changer in the pickup segment.

rlwrw | 2019年11月28日

Cybertruck is so strong, drivers who get road rage may just head-butt others out of the way.
This could be an optics issue for the Cybertruck.
Law enforcement will need a Cybertruck in order to deal with criminals using Cybertrucks.

jimglas | 2019年11月28日

would that make them cybercriminals?

rlwrw | 2019年11月29日

Nah. That's already established for hackers.