Enhancement: Temperature RANGE

Enhancement: Temperature RANGE

I'm enjoying my new Model 3 a lot!

One enhancement I've wanted for several years to be able to set a temperature RANGE. Just like I do with my NEST at home!

I do want my M3 to cool down to 74 Degrees F. However, I don't want it to heat up to that temperature. I'd rather have it heat up to 60 or 64 degrees. If I have to include my wife's preferences, then her side can go to 68 degrees.

Tesla! Can you work on implementing a temperature comfort range? Allow me to set temperatures to heat up to and cool down to. In between, just circulate the air.

I suppose that if you want to get fancy, you can compute the slope of the temperature change and do predictive heating or colling to keep the temperature within the range. But, only if you want to.


SteveWin1 | 2019年11月26日

Great suggestion.

gballant4570 | 2019年11月26日

Your suggestion would be good. In my case, I just use 68 for everything - but in cold weather a lower number might be a better choice....