Autopilot slows down for no reason

Autopilot slows down for no reason

I haven't had this problem until this morning. I turn on AP, and it initiates at my current speed (64mph). Within a couple of minutes, though, the car slows down quickly to 55 (the posted speed limit). I turned off the speed limit feature in AP, and initiated it again. Again, within a few minutes, the car slows down to the posted speed limit. I didn't use AP for the rest of my commute. I'll do a reboot when I get back into it this afternoon, but has anyone experienced this?

bp | 2019年12月2日

Was the speed limit displayed on the dashboard 55 MPH, or a lower speed.

We've experienced multiple reasons for slow downs - including errors in the onboard speed limit database or applying "fleet speed" incorrectly.

When these happen, they happen at the same place every time - on one route it happens so often that I've given up on NOAP and even TACC in those areas, because rapid slowing for no obvious reason in high speed traffic can be a problem.

If/when Tesla turns on speed limit sign detection, we're at risk of having unexpected slow downs - especially in areas with current or road construction (within the past 2 years).

ann | 2019年12月2日

The speed limit at the top for AP was 64. The speed limit below that (the listed speed limit) was 55. It started at 64, but then slowed down unexpectedly after a few minutes. The speed limit on the road had not changed, and there was no construction in the area (I was on the Dulles Toll Road going west).

ann | 2019年12月3日

It's not having the problem anymore. I didn't have the problem going home in the evening, had a software update last night, and am not having the problem today either. Weird.