How get attention of Tesla management regarding a disastrous used model S purchase?

How get attention of Tesla management regarding a disastrous used model S purchase?

I picked up a used MS 85 at Fremont on Oct 15. On the drive home i turned on the HVAC only to smell some strong foul stale tobacco smell! Before i even put my deposit down i had told my advisor that i was concerned a car might be a smokers car, and he assured me that Tesla does not sell "smoke damaged" cars. When i contacted my Tesla Used Vehicle advisor he said i couldnt return the car, but that they would have the local Service Center clean it up and get rid of the smell. Well, things took time to happen and the Service Center cleaned it up twice in the following three weeks. but, the smell is still there. Finally i got my Tesla Used Vehicle advisor to agree the car was hopelessly smelly, and that Tesla would do a "buy back". He forwarded things to that dept. Well after a few days i heard nothing and emailed my advisor and he said i should hear on FRiday Nov 29. I heard nothing. This week i emailed my advisor on MOnday and got no reply. I have a suspicion he quit! i managed to have the email of a delivery advisor and emailed her. She replied this morning she would look into things. but i have not heard anything more. At this point i suspect i am getting a major run around. And, i feel i cant use the car much as the smell is obnoxious. How can i get the attention of Tesla higher ups and get this resolved ASAP? I want my money back to i can buy a better car! I have disovered Rich Rebuilds videos about the very poor quality of Tesla communications and must admit i am having the same kinds of problems as Rich.

Haggy | 2019年12月6日

I have no idea how to expedite the particular issue, but if the smell is in the HVAC, there are a number of products that can be used to get rid of it. They generally get sprayed through the air intake, and the air filter needs to be taken out and treated. There are also services that will come to you to do it.

Speak to the service center and ask them what they tried to do to take care of it. Make sure that they use something effective and change the air filter.

Wilber | 2019年12月6日


thanks for your reply. The air filter was replaced with a new one. Three ozone treatments were done with AC on recirc to help clean out the HVAC as well as try to oxidize the tobacco embedded in the interior. Most of this work was done by a reputable detail shop a block from the SC. I have talked to multiple folks at the SC and the manager at the detail shop. They pretty much say they have done everything possible. You cant just keep repeating ozone as it acutally degrades the leather seats somewhat. They eseentially got rid of about half the smell ON A COLD DAY. As we all know, hot sunny days really magnify the bad smells and we havent had such days lately. AND, as time goes on the smell keeps getting worse. That is the treatments they did are wearing off some. This is consistent with a thread in the forum over a year ago where a professional detailer weighed in and said all treatments are just "chipping away" at the problem. The best solution is to get rid of the car OR wait about 2 years for smells to settle down on their own.

At this point it is clear i need to get rid of the car. I may just go park it in front of the SC with a large LEMON sign on it....

Bighorn | 2019年12月6日

Yeah, "lemon" always will win you support. /s

Mathew98 | 2019年12月6日

Try using a product call Ozium spray. A small canister costs less than 10 bucks at any local auto store. It works wonder on more than cigarette smell.

Wilber | 2019年12月6日

Hi Folks - I do not want any more suggestions for how to clean things. I have spent well over 100 hours researching cleaning and doing cleaning myself and having others do it. I do not want to describe ALL the various things tried on the car. The Tesla rep AGREES that no further cleaning will fix it. I should have titled my post "How to get Tesla to communicate in a timely fashion". That is the real problem. My main contact has been real slow to reply. and when i emailed again Monday morning.i heard nothing back as of today Friday.

SwissVin | 2019年12月7日

Hi Wilber, I can't help you, but I confirm the total lack of support regarding CPO cars. I am trying to buy one here in Switzerland and it's an absolute nightmare. The Used Vehicle Advisor never ever responds to emails or calls, so what's the point in selling used cars if you can't even get any information on the state it is in? And on top of that they don't inform you that free supercharging is now removed from 2015/2016 models, such a joke. Have tried on my occasions to contact other sales reps but no luck. They just want you to buy a new car and don't ask any questions. I am also very disappointed in Tesla service, I was ready for a thrilling ride but completely lost confidence. Such a shame since I still like their cars a lot, but I guess I will go for another brand next year, unless Tesla suddenly improves (a lot)...

bishoppeak | 2019年12月7日

Most folks know that you shouldn't buy a "smoky" car if that bothers you, now you know that too.

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