I am having issues with steering. As I accelerate on the gas the car feels like it slips side to side. It almost feels like on an on a amusement ride. One of the mobile techs said it could be toe links. Anyone have any experience with this?

Also I am trying to schedule an appointment in my app and it will not let me get out of my mobile service appointment. How do I schedule a new appointment at the service center??

jordanrichard | 2019年12月6日

Well your first problem is someone installed a “gas” pedal in your MS........

Second, is this side to side sensation in the front or back. I had to have my rear integral links replaced for a slight “squirreling” in the back end.

Silver2K | 2019年12月7日

Its definitely your toe links.

The rear pair is $450 replaced and that includes the alignment. The subframe will be lowered to replace them.