Damaged leather on driver seat

Damaged leather on driver seat

I have had my Tesla model x for 2 years. My driver seat had a small leather defect the size of a quarter that bubbled up within a couple of months of taking ownership. This defect has continued to worsen as is now the size of a softball. It looks like the leather has stretched and worn as if boiling water was poured on it. Tesla from the beginning has said they are not responsible for defects in the leather seating, and accept no liability. (nor will they suggest where to get it remedied) Has anyone else had this experience? Any suggestions on how to correct?

jimglas | 2019年12月7日

duct tape

Luisito | 2019年12月7日

I had a slight defect on the left rear passenger seat (6 seater) on delivery similar in size. After having Tesla Service center inspect it, they ordered a new seat and even had the Tesla Mobile Service deliver and installed it while parked in my garage. Awesome service and the technician did a great job! Even hooked up his laptop to the car and ran the diagnostics after the installation.

After two years, I doubt they would cover it under warranty. That’s why I reported the defect beforehand,