Wifi and software updates

Wifi and software updates

I just recently picked up a model 3 less than a week ago and I cant figure out how to update the car over wifi without having to visit a Tesla service center or supercharger.

Tried wifi in my apartment building and the signal is too weak or non existent.

Tried going to a public wifi hotspot like starbucks but get an error message that it wont connect with to any public wifi spot with a popup login window, which most public wifi spots are configured

Tried using my iphone as a wifi hotspot with limited success. Think it's going to take forever to download.

Any suggestions? I dont want the inconvenience of having to go to a supercharger or Tesla center every time there is a software update.

WEST TEX EV | 2019年12月12日

May need “WiFi extender” placed between “great signal” and car

Varricks | 2019年12月12日

I've had good luck parking at a Buffalo Wild Wings. You can even go inside and wait, if you can stand that sort of place.Although it's nice if you get there while there's an F1 race on.

You might want to cruise your strip malls around you and see if any of the other outfits have a strong enough signal.

I've not had success with wifi that needs log-in, as somehow the Tesla setup won't get you access to the verification screen.

WEST TEX EV | 2019年12月12日

Definitely a little more challenging for the “apartment lifestyle (no garage, no control of WiFi)

bjrosen | 2019年12月12日

Do you have a window facing the parking lot? If so then put a router in the window, if that doesn't help then get a WiFI hotspot device that you can leave in your car.

jrweiss98020 | 2019年12月12日

Do you have Premium Connectivity? If not, maybe you can subscribe. From p. 141 of the manual:

"Software updates using cellular data are also available if your vehicle is equipped with premium connectivity."

leo33 | 2019年12月12日

Jrweiss +1
(Btw, tesla will push updates that address safety issues over the cell connection even if you don't subscribe to premium.)

billstanton | 2019年12月12日

I've been married too long. I thought this was a complaint thread about wife messing up software updates.

Scrannel | 2019年12月12日

I also use an extender -- they actually work.

EVRider | 2019年12月13日

@jrweiss: Although the manual says that Premium Connectivity owners get updates over LTE, that hasn’t been happening for most owners, including me. Without WiFi, you’re not likely to get updates (except for safety-related fixes).

I don’t know how common WiFi is at superchargers, but on my last road trip between FL and New England I didn’t encounter any WiFi-enabled superchargers. You might see WiFi from businesses located near the supercharger, but those won’t necessarily work from the car.